Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week One is Down!!!

Things are going really well here in the MTC!!! The first few days here in the MTC felt like weeks, but it has actually gotten a lot faster since then. Haha well funny story. I am actually in a Tripanionship meaning that I have two other companions. It can definitely be difficult sometimes but it is actually pretty fun. It can be difficult because we have to do everything together. Also teaching lessons is difficult as well because it's in Spanglish (as much Spanish as we can) and trying to get everyone on the same page in a trio. My companions are Elder Wilson and Elder Vogal. Elder Wilson is from Georgia and he is the shorter one (in the pictures). Elder Vogal is about as tall as me but is really skinny. He is from Minnesota. We are getting along pretty well but everybody has their moments haha. Also Elder Vogal reminds me so much of Eric Monson its crazy haha. Also I am doing very well. The first few days were kinda hard just being in a way different culture, food, learning Spanish super fast. I can already say my prayers in Spanish! It's still a little rough sometimes haha.

That does sound like a normal week in Utah (speaking of 80 degree, sunny weather one day then 50 and rainy the next). I already miss it, but it's ok I'll be back sooner than I think. 2 years will fly by. How is my Koda puppy doing? Has he noticed me being gone at all yet? And thank you so much for giving dad my present to him!!:)

That is really cool what Andie and Trevor talked about cause in my devotional yestarday we talked about praying and why it is important to pray out loud whenever we can. Then I said well it's like the picture of Christ standing outside the door. We need to open the door for Christ so he can help us. He is always waiting just outside the door for us. And praying out loud is how we show an outward expresion to Christ that we love him and need him that much more. Because think about it, when you say things out loud you have to think about it more and put more thought into what you are saying. So for my thought this week I challenge you to pray aloud and I promise you will feel the spirit so much more strongly.

Thank you so much for my glasses and sorry I'm on a little time restraint today. umm but can you send me a couple things. some more q-tips, floss pic things, shampoo and also for the mission a cheap mp3 player with some appropriate music and a battery operated speaker? sorry I know it's a lot on short notice but it would be nice. Also if you could put some laminated pictures of famly, my truck, and friends that would be nice as well.

Love you so much Mom and familia. I cant wait to hear back from you. And thank you so much. I love serving the Lord and thank you for your amazing examples to me.

- Love Elder Spencer

Ps. I GET TO CALL HOME ON MAY 7TH!!!!!! I thought you might like to know that. I will be calling for an hour from 2 to 3 pm Utah time. Can you send me a couple numbers so if one doesn't work I can try another one? Love you!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm Alive and Well

I Made it to Colombia!!! Sorry today is going to be a quick email. My P-days will be on martes (Tuesday). The plane ride was long but good. I sat next to an Elder and a Hermana that are going to Chile as well. I am excited to start learning Spanish and can't wait to see what is ahead. 

The MTC or CCM as it is called here is pretty small but the people are still really nice even to us gringos. We got in at 10 o´clock here and didn't make it though customs untill 11!! It is crazy to just be dropped into Spanish culture like this but nothing too big to handle with the Lord's help. I feel like I have already learned so much Spanish and I've only been memorizing new information for like 3 hours! I still have a lot to learn though haha. 

I love you so much and will email hopefully longer next week.