Monday, February 12, 2018

Fiesta de las Naciones!!!

Hey mama what’s cookin’ this fine Monday afternoon with you??:) haha. I love Monday’s as well because it’s the day we get ready and write the family so that we can just go out and rock and roll the rest of the week!!!:) This last week was sooo good, but it also flew by so fast. I can’t really remember what happened... hahaha. We celebrated the birthday of a hermana missionary in Llanquihue so we had our district meeting and surprised her!!:) Then we had intercambios with the elders of Puerto Varas and I stayed here with Elder Merchen. We had a sweet family home evening with the family Alvarado and the bishop’s family!!:)

Also we were working a lot on the activity we had here last Friday called the "fiesta de las naciones." We had U.S.A, Mexico, New Zealand, China, Brazil and Chile represented!!:) It was soooo fun and the members loved it so much!!:) The relief society really got into their country (China), it was so cool. Every organization was in charge of one of the countries. They had to do a food and a dance. It was really fun, and a bunch of families that we didn’t know got here so we could meet them!!:) Then on Saturday we had divisions with the other elders of Alerce. We found a less active family and it was really cool to meet Lesette Casanova and her family. The elders are going to be able to start helping that family!!:) Also today is Consuelo Alvarado’s birthday, so we are going to pass by and have FHE with them so that will be sweet!!:) And yeah this week we will have the conference with the Elder Christofferson here in Puerto Varas!!!:) I’ll let you know how that goes!!

No I didn’t see the Volcano Calbuco spewing any ash or anything... but yeah we are really close. That would be so cool to see!!:) (He said that Alerce is behind the cloud in the picture I sent him so that’s probably why they didn’t see it…) And Megs had her baby and now they have a family of 7!!! Like what??? He is so cute!!:)

I love the thought that you shared!! (The thought was from David O. McKay: "Man's greatest happiness comes from losing himself for the good of others.") For my thought this week I just want to testify. I know the Lord uses us as his tools and his agents if we are ready. This last week on divisions we went to buy some french fries (because I was hungry) after we had a few hours of rough contacts and no one being home. So we started talking to the lady running the stand and she turned out being really interested and invited us to her house to visit her!!:) That was a cool example of how the Lord always uses us to do his work!!:)

Love you momma to infinity and beyond!!!:)

Elder Shawners

Such a poser :)

Sunburned feet from p-day at the beach last week.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Another Week in Heaven!! :)

Hey Momma how are you doing this fine Monday??:) I’m glad that you liked the photos that I sent over to you this last week, and oh man it was such a cool experience to be able to baptize her. And now we are still working with her family helping them to reactivate and be strong in the church again. And also Pedro (one of the Alvarado's daughter’s boyfriend) our investigator came over this last week and help us cut the grass at our house and then he said that this week (like right now) we can go and teach him more because he really wants to learn more!:) He couldn’t meet with us this last week because he was really busy with work and family. But we also went and visited with Hno Alvarado and it was so cool because usually when he is in the house alone, he doesn’t really want to talk. But this last week he let us in. Now we have a lot more confidence with him and we had a really good time teaching and talking with him!!:)

Also we had intercambios this last week and I stayed here with Elder Brignone. He is from Utah and is a newer missionary and we taught a group of youth in a park. It was really cool. It was a really cool intercambio. Also we finally had our "capilla abierta" to show the church to the public. We didn’t have a ton of people that came, only like 6 people; but hey, that’s 6 more souls we have to work with and start sharing the gospel too!!!:)

Elvis and his family are doing really well. We are still teaching them and they want to be baptized!:) They are still a little hesitant to come to church so we just have to help them with this little challenge!!:) but I’m having so much fun in the mission. I love this work and the joy it brings to everyone included!!:)

Sorry I don’t have lots more time but thank you so much for the info on Chad. I’m glad he is doing better and yeah we talk almost every week!!:) and I’m SOOOO FRIGGEN HAPPY FOR CASS and the drill team!!:) I was the only one last year when they knew they were changing, that knew that they were going to win!!!:) ask mel!;) hahaha

Today we went to a beach called Llico Bajo and it was sooooo beautiful.... and we played soccer and ate chicken!!:) It was great!:) Hey sorry we don’t have much time today. I only am writing you and dad... can you tell everyone else I love them and talk next week?:)

Thank you for the thought and love you momma!!:) LOVE you to infinity and have a great week!!:)

Elder Shawners

At Llico Bajo 

With Elder Brignone

Monday, January 29, 2018

The Baptism of Consuelo!!!

As for me and this beautiful land of Alerce, this last week was crazy and amazing!:) We were with the family Alvarado like every other day this last week getting Consuelo prepared for her baptism. Also, we were working on the plans for our mission for when Elder Christofferson comes. We have to plan where all the missionaries are going to stay the night before, so that has been pretty fun and I think we have all of our part planned out, so that is nice!:)

Also this last week we celebrated the birth of my companion on Tuesday and I made a peach cake dessert and we ate hamburgers as well!!:) It was an awesome day. We got to teach Julieta and she is progressing well. She has been working a ton for this summer season here. She makes school uniforms here for a ton of the children!! So she makes a lot of her money during this time. We read about the vision of Lehi this last week and she understood it and applied it to her life and it was so amazing!:) Then on Saturday we had the baptism of Consuelo!!! I was able to baptize her. She said that she wanted me to do it because her family is still reactivating so her father couldn’t do it. She was so happy and it was so cool. I just love baptisms!!:) And also another good note is that we started teaching Consuelo's sister’s (Natalie) boyfriend Pedro. They want to get married so that he can get baptized because she is a member!:) It is so cool. They are still feeling the passing of Bednardita but they are really getting close to the church and God which is awesome!:)

Faith is what builds character! That is an awesome thought from Bishop Zamora that you shared! It’s so true because faith is a principle of action, so we have to use it through our trials and that is how we grow! Thanks momma!!:)

But I love you to eternity and beyond momma!:) Hope you have such a great work conference and that you get home safe!

Love you!:)
Elder Shawners

Consuelo's Baptism Day!

Alvarado family

Alvarado family

Baptism day!

French toast for Elder Longo's B-day

Peach dessert for Elder Longo's B-day

Service for Hermano Cortez

Pics in our sector

Elder Vaughn lost his USB drive in the sewer drain...haha
And we got it out!

Pics in the sector

Celebrating Hermana Thomas' B-day

Monday, January 22, 2018

Day to Day Miracles

Hey momma!!! Happy Monday! The work is coming along great here in Alerce!!!:) We have a baptism here in Alerce this Saturday if everything goes well!!:) Consuelo is so awesome. She is so prepared and loves learning about the gospel and reading from the Book of Mormon!!:) The Leaders Conference in Osorno was really good. We were planning some of the stuff that we are going to do for a conference the mission is going to have with Elder Christofferson!:) The whole mission is coming here to Puerto Varas!!!! Also President Isom taught us about how to use our time more wisely with the investigators and it was so sweet!!:)

Also on a more sad note, Bednardita, one of the daughters of the family Alverado (step sister to Consuelo), passed away this last week right after the leaders conference in Osorno...:/ She was born with an illness but she went to the hospital for pneumonia. We went to give her a blessing on Friday of the week before and she seemed like she was doing a lot better. We thought that she was going to be able to leave the hospital on Sunday... So on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week we were helping with the viewing and the funeral. We got to go to the burial on Thursday. After that Elder Longo and I realized that it was interesting because they were inactive for like 15 years then she comes back, comes once to church and then passes away. Now the whole family is really motivated to come back to church and go to the temple. Bednardita was the most happy to come back.

Even though it is really sad and weird that she is gone, she is still leaving her presence and example with the family.:) I also talked in one of the funeral services on Wednesday. They asked me to talk last second on the plan of salvation; and it was so cool, I felt the spirit so strong. I don’t remember what I said at all but I feel like it helped.:) We also got to visit Julieta and Elvis during the week. It is so sweet to teach Julieta. She loves hearing the lessons from us and reading in the Book of Mormon. Also Elvis and his family are progressing really well. They haven’t accepted a date yet but said they want to be baptized!:) Also we started teaching a Haitian this last week and we taught about the restoration and he loved it!!!:)

I loved the photos that you guys sent me!!:) It looks like you guys were having a lot of fun in the snow!!:) That Family Search facility in Lehi looks so fricken sweet!!:) Oh that is so cool about Bubba!! I’m so happy for her and I’ll listen to her talk during the week. I downloaded it!:) But that’s sweet, and man what the heck man she didn’t tell me anything... haha

I loved your thought. It’s so true that God will be with us, guide us and prepare our path if we are humble enough to submit to His will and trust in Him!!:) Thank you for that momma!! I love you to infinity and beyond and hope you have a great week!!:)

Elder Shawners๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’™

First few pictures are from the Leaders Conference

Bernardita's burial

Cinnamon swirl pancakes :)

Festival de la Sandia

Festival de la Sandia

Elder Longo's birthday lunch (a day early)

No this is not marijuana :). It's herbs to drink mate, an
herbal drink here. Also, the other two elders have my
suit jackets on!! hahaha.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Rescuing the Sister Missionaries, Progress with Investigators

Happy Monday momma. How are things there in the beautiful land of Utah?? As for me here in Alerce, things are doing really great here!:) We aren’t going to be able to baptize Consuelo (from the family Alverado) this Saturday because she didn’t come to church this last week.. but it’s all good. She is doing awesome and she is very excited for her baptism this next week on the 27! Also on Sunday, Elvis and Liliana, our other family that we are teaching, came to church and presented their baby boy!:) It was so cool and one of our members just showed up to church with a friend (now investigator) who isn’t a member and introduced him to us.:) It’s so crazy. We get so many referrals from our ward and sector here!!

With the cambios last Wednesday, we were in the terminal all day helping missionaries get to their sector!:) It went really well. A drunk guy came into the terminal and started talking to the sisters and they got scared so they asked me to talk to him. I went with him outside and talked to him for a little while. He was actually a really cool guy but it was sad to see how alcohol had destroyed his life.... but other than that, it was a good day without many problems.

Also we got to watch the funeral on Friday. It was soooo good. I love Pres. Monson! It’s gonna be sad to not have him here, but we still have his talks and all from the past; and now we have Pres. Nelson!:) He is an amazing man as well!:) I didn’t know that the catholic church in SLC rang their bells for President Monson when they were moving the casket, that’s way cool!! It’s so awesome how Pres. Monson was friends with everyone, everyone who came in contact with that man was loved and immediate friends with him.:)

Also my ankle is doing a lot better; and its true, it was so cool that the other Elders could come help a little in our sector. I’m so blessed here in this Zone!!:)

I asked him what he learned when he was down for a bit with his ankle and here’s what he replied with: I learned a lot of things, one of which is that I don’t like not being able to leave and go work. So definitely patience and also the difference that health can make in your day to day life. I definitely think that it makes one think a lot more and be a lot more thankful for the small things that we have!

That’s so crazy that this last week was so warm; but I hope that you have some snow this next week or this next summer could be really interesting without any water... haha. That’s sweet also that you, CJ and dad went to the train show!:) I love going to that! I bet they saw some cool stuff and where are my pics?? You been slackin’ a little! haha.

I hope you have an awesome week and I hope to hear back from you soon!!:) I love you to infinity and beyond!:)

Love you!!:)

(Regarding Bri Thomas) PS, What???? Where is she going?¿? I only heard she decided to go on a mission not that she got her call. (clearly I need to update him on a few things haha).

Monday, January 8, 2018

3rd Cambio with Elder Longo!!!!

Hey momma!! How are you doing this fine Monday afternoon??:) Things are going really well here in Alerce! Well as you know now haha, I sprained my ankle pretty bad this last week and so I was in bed and trying to stay off of it for a couple days. So the Elders from Alerce 1 (the other companionship Elder Hernandez & Price), helped us out with some appointments and contacts that we needed to do!:) But we did go to visit the family Alverado a couple times and we taught the Plan of Salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ this last week to Consuelo their daughter with baptism date for the 20 of April. She is really excited for her baptism, and this week we are going to be focusing on the commandments and such!:)

Also they were able to present and bless their son Gonzalo in church on Sunday!!:) ALL 9 OF THEM CAME TO CHURCH!!:) It was so cool!:) Then Elder Longo went with Elder Hernandez to visit Elvis and his family. We have an appointment with them this week, so we will see how that goes!:) But all is well here and also Elder Vaughn is coming here to Alerce to be with Elder Price because Elder Hernandez is going to Valdivia to be zone leader!!:) And I believe the Lord heard your and my prayers because I’m staying here at least one more cambio!!!๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ’ช

It sounds like things are going really well there, well maybe not so well with the weather but man that’s so crazy that the weather is so warm. I hope you get some more rain so it doesn’t all dry up!!;) and I’m glad that you are enjoying your job!! That is awesome!!

It’s so cool that we have the knowledge we do about the plan of salvation and death, so that the passing of President Monson doesn’t have to be a sad mourning, but a happy recollection of his time on earth and the awesome thought that now he is with his sweet lige waiting the second coming of Christ and sharing the gospel there on the other side of the veil, kinda like Glenn.:)

I loved your thought momma and it goes with my thought from my studies this week in 3 Nephi!!:) In 3 Nephi 4 and it was when the gadianton robbers were a huge group in this moment and so the Nephites and some Lamanites all went to their biggest lands in Zarahemla and Bountiful to defend themselves. Then the gadianton robbers realize that they can’t do their normal attacks to assassinate and kill how they usually do so they go to war against them.... but what they didn’t know is that the Nephites were really strong in these lands. And a verse that caught my attention is in 3 Nephi 4: 8 – 10. When the Lamanites saw them on the ground they thought that they were afraid, but the Nephites were praying to God that he would give them strength; and they went against the Lamanites and had the POWER of the Lord with them... It is an amazing chapter and shows a lot of good lessons like one that if we live in our "strong lands" and if we are right with God and praying that he will deliver us out of the hands of our enemies, the Lord will be with us and we will have more than enough strength!!:)

Hope you have an amazing week momma!!:) Love you to infinity and beyond!:)

Love you!
Elder Shawners!!:)

Last Sunday with the furious 4 in Alerce!:)

A cool bridge in our sector

Epic walking pic

Playing soccer today


Soccer selfie (I was the goalie because I have my bad foot)

Shawarma with Hernandez

Shawarma with Vaughn

This picture is four days after I hurt it...