Monday, December 11, 2017

Santa Claus is Coming to Town....

Hey momma!!:) How are you doing??:) This last week was awesome here in Alerce. We have been working a lot with the referrals that we have gotten from the members here, and we found a family of 9 this last week thanks to that!:) They are a less active family that haven’t gone to church in a long time and said that they had seen us in the street a few times and wanted to talk to us but were always busy with their work (bus drivers) so they couldn’t stop. But this week we have an appointment with them and they want to present their son in the church. Also one of their daughters isn’t baptized so we can help her with that as well! But it’s been an amazing week. Now we just have to start teaching all of these referrals and helping spread the Light of Christ!:)

Julieta is doing awesome. She is reading the Book of Mormon but she wasn’t able to come to church on Sunday because she was working. But she wants to come this weekend!:) Also Light the World is going awesome. We have been doing lots of service to help others and we have seen their happiness as well!:)

Also for the spiritual experience, when we found the family of 9, we actually went for a different referral close by... Then as we were leaving I had the thought pop into my head that we should contact the other referral. So we turned around on our bikes and that’s when we found the family Alverado of nine!!:)

That is so sweet about your week in Texas and that it snowed there for the first time in many years and it just so happened that you were there!;) Also that is sweet about the packages so thank you! And no worries I will let you know when I have them!!:) Also I love the thought ''But if not.'' It is so true. We have to have the faith to not be healed. Do we have the faith necessary in Jesus Christ? Is it as detectable as we would like it to be?? I love you so much momma!!:) I hope you have a great week!! Love you to infinity and beyond!!!

"What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create."


Monday, December 4, 2017


First of all I hope your anniversary is amazing and you guys had a happy 30th anniversary!:) All is great here in the mission. I’m as happy as ever and it's been an awesome time here!!:) I love my companion Elder Longo. It’s amazing how well we get along. I’m teaching him English and he’s teaching me a little of Portuguese as well!!:) Also yeah... about the umbrella... I was just walking with it and it was kinda like a cool cane. But obviously I didn’t use it to put weight on it, I just walked with it in my hand. But I like tripped when I was walking and put a little bit of pressure on it and it just snapped... haha but it’s chill. It’s been super sunny here this last week. The Lord has been blessing us with some amazing weather lately!:)

This last week was really great! We found 2 families that we are starting to teach now. One of them was a reference from a member here in the ward. It is her brother and he just had a baby and wants to present him in the church and bless him. So it will be awesome to keep working with them and get them to come to church again!:) Also him and his wife and other child aren’t baptized. So we can help them to feel the light of Christ again and hopefully help them to be baptized as a family!:) With the other family, we were walking this last week, just walking to the house, and then I felt I should knock on this random house. A lady came out and only she was there with her daughter. We talked about Christ and prophets with her for just a bit and we are going back this next week to share when the husband is there!:) All is going great here. I love Christmas time and Jesus Christ!:) Isaiah 9:6!:)

But I’m glad that your last week was really good!:) I loved the photos that you sent to me from your and dad’s dinner and walk in temple square. It looks like so much fun!!:) That looks really cool the German Christmas Village that you went and visited in SLC!:) But also I absolutely loved your thought that you shared (from Elder W. Craig Zwick’s talk "Lord, Wilt Thou Cause That My Eyes May Be Opened"). It’s so true. The world would be such a better place if we could look at others through the eyes of Jesus Christ!:) but we have to do what we can for us first to start changing the world!:)

I love you to infinity and beyond momma!:!) Thank you so much for all that you do!!:) Also have fun in the snow and stay safe and love this season of Christmas!!:)


Sweet view of the volcanos in Alerce!

Our house in Alerce

Service helping Hermana Claudia

We put all the stuff in this room (in the pic above too).

On the bus to Puerto Varas


In the process of churrichanga

With the crew in Alerce

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Week of Cambios Again?? Wait What?

Hey momma, how are you doing??:) As for me I’m doing really great!!:) So this last Tuesday we had our zone conference for Christmas and introduced our idea to iluminar el mundo (Light the World) and it was really great. The spirit was so strong during the conference and everyone is super excited to do it!!:) Then after we went and taught Juan our recent convert and he is doing good. His mom isn’t a member so we are working with her to get her married and baptized as well!!:)

On Wednesday we went and visited a less active older lady named Marta and her grandson Matias. It was a great visit. We talked about Jesus Christ and how he is always with us and knows how we feel in every affliction and test that we have here on the earth. Then we visited with Carmen an old investigator and she really wants to be baptized but her catholic mom won’t let her be... but we are working with her!!;) Then on Thursday, we had a noche de hogar (family home evening) but at the last second it got canceled; but we still went to visit the member whose house it should have been in, and it was so good. She gave us lots of referrals so we have more to work with now. It was a really great night and visit!!:)

Friday we did a service project in Fresia with the elders there for a member. We had to hand till some land there, man it was a crazy project!!:) haha. On Saturday we played football in the morning and then a member Hermano Wilson Bello came and helped us cut our grass at our house (sorry I’ll have to send a pic of that next week... ) In the afternoon we went and visited a new investigator named Hermana Julieta and she is so receptive and loves to hear of Christ!:) Then on Sunday a new investigator, who just moved into our sector, came to church with her husband and they are waiting to get married this next month then we can baptize them as well. Her name is Amparo and she is from Colombia originally!!:) 

Today we went to Puerto Varas to the church there and played football and volleyball and then wrote to all the missionaries who are leaving our zone!!! In all it was a great crazy week. We saw many miracles and I’m sure this week will be great as well!!:) LOVE you to infinity and beyond momma!!:) Hope you have a great week!!:)


Monday, November 20, 2017


Hey momma!!:) well yes I know it’s not quite Thanksgiving but I figured that I would tell you a little early!!:) haha. They don’t really celebrate here but I might try to do something here with my comp but we will see what happens!:) But oh man this last week was insane here in Alerce so I can’t remember what happened Monday night... but on Tuesday we had to go to Puerto Montt to pick up pedidos for the zona and get my carnet so I can be legal!:) Then after that we went out to go and visit some new referrals that we have and some future investigators that we have!:) Then on Wednesday we had to go to the church to help set up for a choir that came the next day so we were there helping to clean the church and set up chairs!:)

On Thursday we had our zone conference to talk about the Christmas Initiative which is the same as last year: ILUMINA el MUNDO!:) (Light the World). It is going to be an amazing time and we are planning an activity to do with the zone to share this initiative with everyone here in our zone!!:) Then we had the choir that came and it was so amazing. They are a group from Puerto Montt and they sang really good. One of our new investigators Julieta came and really liked the activity as well!!:) Then on Friday we went and did service for a grandma here. We went out and made a garden and planted for her!!:) Then in the night we had an activity with desserts. And I just made some brownies with my comp and we won best texture and best dessert!!:) so it was pretty cool!!!! haha, especially because I didn’t think the brownies turned out that good that night but everyone loved them!:)

On Saturday it was pure rain!!! It was so cold and a little wet... (if you can imagine that...) haha but then we were doing contacts and tried to visit with Julieta but she wasn’t there, but it’s all chill!!:) Then we went to our recent convert Juan and taught him a lesson so it was a great night!!:) Oh then on Sunday it was the primary program and the little kids were so cute!!!!:) It was so cool to see them talk and share! Also a drunk guy came in and sat by me for a min then asked me for some bread then just got up and walked out!!:) HAHA it was a little funny!:)

YEAH!!! I’ll be there for Braken’s wedding!!:) haha I don’t know if they planned that for me but it’s good timing!!:) haha. Woah sounds like some crazy weather and a good week!!:) I love your thought momma! That is so true we need to make sure that we are walking in Christ’s direction. Even if we feel like we are sinking like in the foto we have on the wall, we can reach out and He will help us keep walking along on our path!!:) Thank you so much momma for the email and all you’re doing. Also I’m glad to hear that Jess and dad are doing better. Tell them both hi and I love them!!:) but love you to eternity and beyond momma!!:) Can’t wait to hear back. Have such a great week!:) 

Love you!!
We made pan and homemade mayo!!!

Setting up for the choir

Playing with Geraldo

The choir!! :)

Service project doing the garden!! :)

Monday, November 13, 2017

Que Loco la Semana!!

Hey there momma how are you doing this marvelous Monday??:) As for me I am doing pretty fantastic!!:) haha and this last week was pretty great. We had some nice weather this last week with not so much rain!!:) I’m glad that you got my reference to invasion!!:) and this last week was even more so... haha. We had the dispedida of Elder Amaya and then cambios Wednesday. Then we had to go look at some things for our house on Thursday. Then on Friday a baptism of a member’s child. On Saturday a youth activity and a capilla abierta (open house). Then on Sunday the normal church and meetings!:) It was fun and way crazy..

Also me and my new comp Elder Longo are doing very good together. He is a super chill guy, we work super great together!!:) so I’m excited to continue to work with him and just keep moving the work along!:) Also no we haven’t started the English classes yet. This last week was super crazy and this week will be too!!:) but that’s alright I love it!:) I’m glad that you are liking my ward because I am loving them as well!!:) They are so great and it’s been pretty insane because it’s been like I am in a white wash!!:) a white wash is when two missionaries enter into a new area for the first time without knowing the sector:)

Well I’m glad to hear that your work trip to Austin went well!!:) and I’m glad that you could do all the other stuff you needed to as well!:) That’s too bad that dad has been sick, but I hope that he gets better soon and tell him to be safer!!! haha but I loved the fotos you sent of the t-shirts!!:) So thank you for that and oh well maybe if anyone wants to send a quick letter or you want to send an old conference talk or maybe your favorite?:) but other than that no I’m good but yeah I’ll just be waiting for the package.:)

Also I really loved this talk from Elder Holland that is so true and it’s so amazing the things that happen when we trust in the Lord and follow his ways!!:) It’s so amazing that he gives us these commandments but he always gives us the way and the strength to complete them if we are willing to try our best!!:)

Love you to infinity and beyond momma!!:) I hope that you can have an amazing week and let me know when you send the stuff out!!:) I’ll do work here and you stay safe and do work there!!:) love you momma!!!😄💪


1- Chad sent me a little package with Elder Goddard!!!:)
2 & 3- baptism of the member’s child Maxy!!:) (my comp has the tan jacket)
4-Youth activity I got to go out with this stud Nicholas!:)
5- my comp and Elder Merchen in the baptism font in the capilla abierta!!:)

Rest of the photos are from our p-day adventures today with my mamita and papito from Ancud!!! I love them!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Monday Before Cambios...

Hola momma sounds like you are having lots of fun there in Utah. This last week and month were full of rain!!:) haha we always have rain here in Alerce. But still it has been really fun!!:) This last week was really fun and flew by like normal... We had 2 baptisms of the other elders, we also went to Llanquihue for an "invasion." We went and handed out invitations for the capilla abierta (open chapel) that they are going to do this next Saturday!:) so that was way fun!:) We also just found this guy who wanted to learn English whose name is Henry Jacob so this week I’m going to start teaching English classes!:) Also we went and did a service project for an old investigator. We went and hung dry wall and the ceiling!:) It was fun but my shoulders hurt! haha. Also this week we got together as a zone then went to Puerto to eat tacos!!:)

Also about transfers... and I’m going to be....  STAYING!!:) but my comp Elder Amaya is going to Chiloe!!! My new comp is going to be Elder Longo from Brazil!!:) I don’t really know much about him but I’m sure that it will be awesome!!:) Actually I really have like no time this week so I’m literally only writing you and not dad or no one... Sorry, I know. It’s not what I want to do either but I hope they will all forgive me!:) But I’m glad to hear that you are good and I love you to infinity and beyond!!:)

Love you!!!!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Soy Donald Trump......

Hola momma còmo estas? Y tambien feliz Lunes y casi HALLOWEEN!!!:) I am doing quite well here in the land of Alerce, Chile and enjoying this sacred time I have to be here as a missionary!!:) Everything is going really well here in Alerce. It’s still a little hard with the fact of not knowing the area or the streets but I’m getting in and trying to learn quick because there are cambios for real this next week; and my comp Elder Amaya has been here for cualquiere tiempo so he could possibly be leaving soon! But we will see. The ward is actually quite big here. There are usually like 95 here in church and it’s the best functioning ward/branch I’ve been in so far!

We have a few investigators, Nelly and Romina, but we didn’t get to teach them this last week because they were working... but we are in the process of finding new investigators at this moment because a lot of them have been baptized as of recently!!:) so that is pretty sweet.:) We eat with the members here and it works really well so I’m happy. And yeah I’m in a biking area now because this area is even more flat than my sector in Osorno! I love it and yeah that "yellow sea" is chacai... haha yeah it’s not too bad unless your allergic to it!

We went to Puerto Montt today to go play soccer and volleyball with the zones here and I slipped in a mud puddle and got covered in muck... haha it was pretty fun!!!!! Those pics I sent last week were two Volcanos here and yeah really it’s not that far from Osorno like an hour and half in bus. This whole area I’m in was filled with trees (called Alerce hence the name) but they have cut tons of trees so now there are not as many... mostly chacai that the Germans brought when they came to Chile a while back...

Dang that’s crazy about Koda!! but man I’m glad that he is doing better now and how has it gone so far with not letting him run around and cause mayhem like normal? Haha. I’m glad that you are doing good as well with the job and man it seemed like the ward party was bomb!! Oh yeah so for my subject line.. we had a ward Halloween party this last week and we decided to go with the other elders in our ward as Trump (me) and my secret service....😂😂😂 haha it was really sick and the ward really liked it as well! It was a fun time and the whole time the kids were trying to come up and "kill me" or "throw bombs" (ping pong balls...) haha it was pretty funny!!

Ohhh that was a sick talk "By Divine Design" from Elder Rasband!! (He talked about the fact that the Lord is in the small details of our lives (as well as the major milestones). "Allow Him to make more of you than you can make of yourself on your own.") I agree. It is so amazing and we really should treasure God’s involvement in our lives and always try to see his hand and move the way and when He wants.!!:)

"Sometimes when things are falling apart, they are falling into place." This is my spiritual quote for this week and I really think it goes with your thought as well because when we feel like everything in our lives is falling apart, it’s really just a perspective... these bad things or challenges that are happening, really are helping us and preparing us for something in the future!

I love you to eternity and beyond momma!! I hope you have an amazing week and I hope that everything goes awesome for you and I can’t wait to hear back. love you!!:)

Trump and his security detail for Halloween :)