Monday, August 14, 2017

Crazy Week in Osorno...and Miracles in Quell贸n!! :)

Hey momma, things are pretty great here in the land of Chile!!:) I'm glad to hear that your week has gone pretty well!馃槃 As for my thumb... haha well yes it has been getting better, then today in volleyball I tweaked it really weird and I had some very nasty pain for a bit, but now yes it feels a ton better!! As for Mar矛a she is doing very well. We visited her a couple of times this last week but unfortunately she couldn’t come to the FHE with us because she is sick with pneumonia and so she has 8 days in bed... but she still loves hearing from us!:) Also in the FHE with Pres. Isom and a couple other members, we had Hermana Brenda. She is a new investigator for us now!!:) She has a son that has 7 years!:) Also we found this last week Alfredo (not the pasta, the person馃槈). He is from Haiti and is super dope. He doesn't speak the best Spanish but he understands really well! We taught him about the Book of Mormon this last week and he came to church with us!!:) It was so cool! He is a great guy! Oh also another good note, idk if I told you about Alex (a contact that talked to us!) but he finally called us this last week and we have a cita set up for this week. So I'll let you know how that goes with him! ALSO I don’t know if you heard but JAIME FROM QUELLON GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!! Also another family that I found got baptized in Quell贸n as well!!:) It was so bomb, I’m so happy!!:)

That’s sweet that you saw Hermana Farnsworth. You gotta tell her hi from me. I haven’t had the chance or the email to talk with them since they have been back home. Yeah definitely we are coming back to visit!:) Also that sounds like you had a great week there in the derby and oh man can we please go to all of the fair this next year??:) I love the fair but that’s so cool you could go and be with all of the family!!:)

Whoa I love that thought momma thank you for sharing. Those sounded like some great talks!:) Also that is a great quote and principle. Are you self-sufficient in your spirituality? That is a very important principle -- to have our own testimony and have the strength to overcome our trials!!:) (This is the quote I shared with him from Heber C. Kimball: "The time will come when no man or woman will be able to endure on borrowed light. Each will have to be guided by the light within himself. If you do not have it, how can you stand?")

"The task AHEAD of you is never as great as the power BEHIND you." This kinda goes along with your thought but mine is just remember who you have behind you on your side when you come up against a great challenge or problem. The Lord is always with us. We just have to let him bless and help us and confide in him!:)

Love you momma thank you for your email and hope your week goes even greater!!:) Love you to infinity and beyond!!:) (sorry no photos we are at the lame cyber...)
Elder Shawners

(Surprise pictures came a little while later... yay!!!!)

This one was from a few weeks ago, courtesy of another
missionary in Osorno.

Monday, August 7, 2017

"Time is like an airplane, it flies..."

Hey momma!! How are you doing this fine Monday?:) haha yeah I know my quote is kinda lame... but it’s true!! Man this last week went really well!!:) Although we did not ever hear from Alex, but we still have hope that he will call!!:) But besides that we visited the Hermana Mar铆a Trevi帽o like 3 times last week and she is doing really good so we are helping here to stay excited (haha I’m sorry not animated... in Spanish it’s animado) and not get discouraged... But also we had intercambios with the assistants to the President this last week and we found a new family of 4. His name is Marv铆n and his wife and little girls!:) We talked about the restoration and he was super interested and then his wife got home right after the lesson. Then we talked with her for a while. She is catholic but likes us so we were invited back, so we have a little space to work with her!!;) Also we had consejo de lideres (council of leaders) this last week. It was super awesome to hear from President and to have him teach us how we can help out our zones a little more. Our zone is finding a ton of new people. It’s been so awesome. They are working hard and sharing the gospel with everybody!!:)

It sounds like you had a great week this last week!:) and man that’s crazy you really went to town re-organizing everything!!:) I’m glad that you guys had a great time for Chad's birthday as well!!:) Also YES I HAVE THE PACKAGE!!:) Thank you so much. Oh man I have loved everything inside of it!! It’s been so awesome!:) Also thank you so much for the fotos, I loved them!!

Thank you momma, I love your thought!!:) It was long but very well worth it and filled with amazing words. It is so true that we always have hope. That is the only thing besides our agency that can’t be taken from us, but we can limit ourselves at times to have hope. (I sent him a few thoughts from this talk, which was amazing!!!

My quick thought this week is "There is danger in the phrase 'Some Day'." It’s from a general authority but I remember not who...  but this is so important, especially in missionary work. When we think I wanna contact this house or this street one day or some day, there is danger that it will never happen. So act now and remember like Nephi, just do it!!:) haha

Love you so much momma. Hope you have a great week and love you to eternity and beyond!!:)

Elder Spencer
Misi贸n Chile Osorno

In the plaza de armas in the centro of my sector.

Playing volleyball for P-day at our church.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Cambio day... The Death of Elder Gledhill

Hello there mother, and things are going quite well here in Osorno de Chile this week!:) Yeah I was so happy about Hermana Ana and now all we need is their daughter and the temple to be sealed!!:) So Elder Gledhill went home this last week and that was super sad!! Everyone is leaving me!!! haha but it was cool to see him at the church in Centro here. I had to open it so the members could say goodbye so I got to see him another time before he left!!:) But as for me and my new comp we are doing really well!!:) Elder Arizmendi is from Mexico City, Mexico and has a cambio less than I in the mission. It’s been really great up till now!!:) He has 7 (including him) in his family and I don’t know what else to say but he is really cool and I think this will be a great cambio!:) He was actually in my district in Chil贸e in Ancud. 

Now with the week, yes Rolando is having a hard time balancing everything in his life right now.. but we are gonna work with him and see what we can do to help him with his family and work problems!!:) But as for the Hermana Maria Trevi帽o she is doing amazing. She is 70ish and she has fecha for the 26 of Aug to be baptized. We are just trying to keep her animated (?) because she is a little timid about baptism, but she has such a strong testimony it’s so amazing!!:) She has been investigating for a little over a year! Also, this last week a man named Alex stopped us and was talking to us a little in English, and he wants to meet with us this week. He is from Santiago and moved down here with family. He was a really cool guy but I’ll let you know how that goes with him next week!!:) Also this last week we had a bunch of FHE’s with the bishop and with the family Mu帽oz. It was super awesome, and it’s a great opportunity to get to know the families here and receive more referrals!:) Then today we went and played soccer in Matta (our church) and then went to eat. It was sick, we went to a place called "脩am 脩am" to eat!!馃槀

Oh that sounds like a lot of fun last week and I loved all of the fotos that you sent me!!:) but man momma why didn’t you get a picture with you and Yvette? haha naw it happens to me a lot here... we leave from a cita and I’m like dang I didn’t take a foto!! haha but I haven’t received an email from her yet but we will see!:) Oh that’s sweet about the package. I’ll definitely let you know when I have it!!:) Thank you! That’s so sweet thank you for sending voice messages!!:) That’s so cool! Also I can send you guys like voice recordings every week then you can type them if you want to do that? just let me know!:)

Oh man I miss watching the lightning (from a safe distance that is;) haha) that sounds like so much fun and also the family reunion that is so awesome that grandma played too!!:) I’m glad that you guys had lots of fun there!:) I loved when we went there that one year except when you got that ticket on the way up there right? haha

Woah thank you for your thought that you shared momma!!:) I really like that it is in the little moments from day to day when we are going to make the difference in our eternity. Like it says in Ephraim’s Rescue "You can’t move a mountain on your backside." meaning we have to start somewhere. Also like it says in Doctrine and Covenants it’s in the little things that we bring to pass the great and big ones!!:) Thank you for that thought and it’s also true that our heavenly connection is the most important, then we can worry about the rest. The Lord always provides and will guide us in every moment!!:) D&C 6:36 I love this scripture and it’s my go to in times of worries or doubts!!:)  (36: Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.)

Thank you for the email momma I hope everything is well and that the job hunt is going well!:) Have a great week and love you to eternity and beyond!:)

Elder Shawners Spencer

p.s. sorry this cyber won’t read my card.... so these are the few that my comp had!:)

Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy Pioneer Day with Baptisms!!!!:)

Well thank you momma for the happy pioneer day wishes and I wish the same for you!!:) haha and GUESS WHAT remember ANA the wife of Jaime in Ancud? She totally got baptized last week!!:) It was so cool! I’m so happy for her. Also yes Elder de Souza is getting changed to the zone Villarrica and he has been doing a lot better so that is great!!:) Also Elder Gledhill is finishing the mission so my new comp will be Elder Arizmendi from Mexico. He was in my district in Ancud!!:)

This week I had the opportunity to give a blessing to a grandma who passed away yesterday, but it was so amazing. When I was giving the blessing, I felt the spirit so strong and it was like my whole upper body was on fire. It was such a blessing I had to give her a blessing so that she can now rest in peace.:) The fecha with Rolando fell but that’s ok, and we put hna Maria with fecha for baptism on the 26 of Aug!!:) It is so awesome!!:) The work has been going really well. Also this last week we had the chance to go to an activity in San Pablo (a youth camp for the church), and we got to go and do some proselyting with the youth for their camp there!!:) I have attached pictures below of my group, and I got to see my youth from Villarrica because they were there too!!:) It was such a good week and it was Elder Gledhill’s birthday so we made brownies and German pancakes!!:)

Oh that’s sweet that they still remember me and haha I hope it’s good stuff as well!! But will you tell Brock and all the BJ family hi for me!!:) Also tell Skyler Crockett hi as well and I’d definitely be interested in working for him when I get back! haha but for sure I’ll talk to him:) That’s good you had a great week but that will be good to sell the house (in Connecticut). That’s sad that no one is gonna have the property from the family though. Oh thank you so much for the pics I love them!!:) It looks like you guys had a great week, and the shed looks great now!!:) Also thank you about the package. Seriously thank you for everything that you are doing!!:) Let me know when you send it and if I can do anything for you!:)

Woah that sounds like such an amazing sacrament meeting. I love talking and learning about the pioneers. There definitely isn’t that big of an emphasis here in Chile on the pioneers, but there should be because I love watching the movies of the pioneers and just watching all that they went through and all that we can learn from them today. They were such good examples of disciples of Christ and following his guidance through a recently called prophet of God!:) I love that thought thank you momma. Also, yeah I saw the fotos. It was so cool and do you have fotos of the trailer? And how was the Browne's firework show? HAHA

THANK YOU MOMMA!! for all that you do. You are seriously so amazing and I feel like I don’t do enough to show you how awesome you are. Hope you know how much I love you and how thankful I am for all you do and your example to me!!:) 

Love you to forever and beyond momma!!:)
Elder Shawners Spencer

My companion stressed about going home.

Zone activity

Zone activity

Last zone activity for the cambio pic with
 the APs Elder Rocha y Villacorta (right)