Monday, October 16, 2017

Helping New Members Move In... :)

Hello there momma. How you been this last week? That’s crazy you are in Texas. I hope that you are having fun in your training!!:) I’m glad that you liked my fotos that I sent this last week! but haha that was the point, I was like oh I definitely have to take a photo here!!😂😉 But oh sweet you saw that video of me totally biffing it??:) It was so cold!! I was filled with snow after that... but haha you know stuff happens when you’re Elder Spencer!!😄 

This last week was really good for us as well! On Tuesday we went and visited Hermana Maria and it went really well. We didn’t really know what to plan to share with her, and when we went to go and visit with her; she told us she didn’t understand the 3 degrees of glory in the plan of salvation so we taught her more about that. It was an awesome lesson with her. Then also we went to the Lorca family that night for a noche de hogar (FHE) and watched the first part of the Brasil vs. Chile game. Apparently they got wrecked in the end and now aren’t going to the Fifa World Cup...:( Then on Wednesday we went to the hermanas sector in Osorno to pass out invitations as a zone because there was a "capilla abierta" on Sunday to show the building to the public!:) So that was way fun and we contacted a ton of awesome people so it was way worth it to get the whole zone there!:)

On Thursday... oh man so there is a new family that moved from Santiago that are members and they have 3 kids but we helped them move in!:) It was fun but it was a lot of boxes and appliances. So us, the elders from Ecuador, and the parents of this family were there to take the stuff off the truck and take it down to the apartment. It was a ton of work but so fun to help them and get to know them a little!!:) 😄💪💪 Then on Saturday we taught the hna Maria again and she is doing good!:) She was talking to her granddaughter about when she is coming up from Chiloé to watch her baptism!!:) Then we also had a cita with Alfredo that night but he forgot...😅 On Sunday we had the capilla abierta in Franke and it was so cool. A ton of the members helped out. And in case you’re wondering, a capilla abierta is when we open up the church and invite people to come inside, look at the rooms, listen to a few tapes and testimonies and teach very basic principles about what we do so people don’t think that the Mormons are some secret cult.. You know it was way fun!!:) (selfie included of after with the zone).

That is sweet about Elder Goddard. I’m sure I will see him when he gets here because I receive all the missionaries!!:) Man that’s a good question. The thing that I am grateful for this last week... well there is a lot, but I would say Personal Study... Now listen before you think I’m crazy... haha. As missionaries we have time to study in the morning and if we have other things going or it doesn’t happen, I can really feel the difference I have during the day. I’m not as confident in myself or my teaching. But if I do my part and study, that invites the spirit to be with me and I feel like I can handle whatever circumstance that happens during the day!:) You’ll probably think I’m crazy but I’ve gotten a lot better at not procrastinating in the mission!!:)

That sounds like you had a fun week this last week!:) and that’s sweet that you could help the Nuñez’ and get a new fridge for us as well!! and ohhhh noooo😥😥😥 I loved the water and ice from that old fridge!!! Man I’m so sad it’s not gonna be there when I get back!!:/ haha

I love that talk as well!!:) (from Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson). It is really so true at times. We are trying to make a huge contribution in another place and we are neglecting the little things and people closest to us!! Thank you for that reminder momma; and like I think she says in that talk as well, we can ask ourselves "who needs me today?" (How can I help others today?)

Love you to eternity and beyond momma!!:) Thank you for all that you do and I hope that you have an amazing week. I’ll talk to you soon! love you so much and do work in your training !!:)

Love you!!!!:)

Zone selfie after the "capilla abierta"

Making honey BBQ chicken with cornbread for p-day

Monday, October 9, 2017

Voyage to Volcano Osorno y Saltos del Petrohué

Well first off can I just say haha yeah time is flying by faster and faster but I’m just here enjoying every second and trying to do what I can to share this marvelous message of the restored gospel to those in Osorno, Chile!:) But how are you doing my fabulous momma??:) It sounds like your past week was pretty spectacular and you seem to be getting along ok without your boys in the house for the moment!;) This last week was really good for us as well. So we talked with the Hna Maria and she said that she is going to talk with her granddaughter to see when she is coming up from Chiloé to watch her baptism!!:) So that is good and we are going to meet with her tomorrow and see when she is going to be here to do it!:)

Also Alfredo, Beantony, and Gladys are doing well. We had a great lesson about the Book of Mormon and the fact that it just testifies more of Jesus Christ. Alfredo and Gladys are amazing and want to keep progressing but Beantony is a little more tuff haha. He just knows the Bible really well and has a ton of questions... but I just think he thinks that a church so perfectly formed (like in terms of how Christ’s was) today doesn’t exist.:/ But that is the reason we are here!:) I think we are going to start teaching Beantony apart from them. Then Valeska, a less active we have been working with, came to church this last weekend so that was awesome; but she didn’t come with her 2 kids so we are going to visit her this week and invite her to come with the whole family!:) Also this coming weekend we have a "Capilla Abierta" in the ward in Franke so we are helping with that!:) It is an event to help the people of Osorno to get to know the church so it will be cool to help with that, and it’s a great way to get new references!!:)

That’s so cool that you finally heard from Chad. I’m glad that he is loving the MTC but I hope that he can write me this week!!:) But that is so cool and you’ll have to tell me when he is coming to my mission in November (an Elder from Chad’s district in the MTC) because there are 2 cambios in November.

I love that quote that you passed me!! “A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory!” That is a sick quote!!:) And thank you for your other thought as well. It is so true that it’s never going to be easy but it will be worth it!! So for that we follow and we stay as close to Christ and our savior as humanly possible!!:) I love you so much momma and thank you and it’s true God knows all… that’s why it was such a long time until you could find this job because God had something greater planned!!:)

Love you so much momma and sorry tell everybody else I didn’t have time to write! but I love you to infinity and beyond!!:)

Elder Shawners

Here are the pictures from their "voyage" today. Shawn said when they first got to the volcano, it was a blizzard -- and he was loving it!!!!. Forty-five minutes later the skies cleared and it was sunny.