Monday, January 15, 2018

Rescuing the Sister Missionaries, Progress with Investigators

Happy Monday momma. How are things there in the beautiful land of Utah?? As for me here in Alerce, things are doing really great here!:) We aren’t going to be able to baptize Consuelo (from the family Alverado) this Saturday because she didn’t come to church this last week.. but it’s all good. She is doing awesome and she is very excited for her baptism this next week on the 27! Also on Sunday, Elvis and Liliana, our other family that we are teaching, came to church and presented their baby boy!:) It was so cool and one of our members just showed up to church with a friend (now investigator) who isn’t a member and introduced him to us.:) It’s so crazy. We get so many referrals from our ward and sector here!!

With the cambios last Wednesday, we were in the terminal all day helping missionaries get to their sector!:) It went really well. A drunk guy came into the terminal and started talking to the sisters and they got scared so they asked me to talk to him. I went with him outside and talked to him for a little while. He was actually a really cool guy but it was sad to see how alcohol had destroyed his life.... but other than that, it was a good day without many problems.

Also we got to watch the funeral on Friday. It was soooo good. I love Pres. Monson! It’s gonna be sad to not have him here, but we still have his talks and all from the past; and now we have Pres. Nelson!:) He is an amazing man as well!:) I didn’t know that the catholic church in SLC rang their bells for President Monson when they were moving the casket, that’s way cool!! It’s so awesome how Pres. Monson was friends with everyone, everyone who came in contact with that man was loved and immediate friends with him.:)

Also my ankle is doing a lot better; and its true, it was so cool that the other Elders could come help a little in our sector. I’m so blessed here in this Zone!!:)

I asked him what he learned when he was down for a bit with his ankle and here’s what he replied with: I learned a lot of things, one of which is that I don’t like not being able to leave and go work. So definitely patience and also the difference that health can make in your day to day life. I definitely think that it makes one think a lot more and be a lot more thankful for the small things that we have!

That’s so crazy that this last week was so warm; but I hope that you have some snow this next week or this next summer could be really interesting without any water... haha. That’s sweet also that you, CJ and dad went to the train show!:) I love going to that! I bet they saw some cool stuff and where are my pics?? You been slackin’ a little! haha.

I hope you have an awesome week and I hope to hear back from you soon!!:) I love you to infinity and beyond!:)

Love you!!:)

(Regarding Bri Thomas) PS, What???? Where is she going?¿? I only heard she decided to go on a mission not that she got her call. (clearly I need to update him on a few things haha).

Monday, January 8, 2018

3rd Cambio with Elder Longo!!!!

Hey momma!! How are you doing this fine Monday afternoon??:) Things are going really well here in Alerce! Well as you know now haha, I sprained my ankle pretty bad this last week and so I was in bed and trying to stay off of it for a couple days. So the Elders from Alerce 1 (the other companionship Elder Hernandez & Price), helped us out with some appointments and contacts that we needed to do!:) But we did go to visit the family Alverado a couple times and we taught the Plan of Salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ this last week to Consuelo their daughter with baptism date for the 20 of April. She is really excited for her baptism, and this week we are going to be focusing on the commandments and such!:)

Also they were able to present and bless their son Gonzalo in church on Sunday!!:) ALL 9 OF THEM CAME TO CHURCH!!:) It was so cool!:) Then Elder Longo went with Elder Hernandez to visit Elvis and his family. We have an appointment with them this week, so we will see how that goes!:) But all is well here and also Elder Vaughn is coming here to Alerce to be with Elder Price because Elder Hernandez is going to Valdivia to be zone leader!!:) And I believe the Lord heard your and my prayers because I’m staying here at least one more cambio!!!😎💪

It sounds like things are going really well there, well maybe not so well with the weather but man that’s so crazy that the weather is so warm. I hope you get some more rain so it doesn’t all dry up!!;) and I’m glad that you are enjoying your job!! That is awesome!!

It’s so cool that we have the knowledge we do about the plan of salvation and death, so that the passing of President Monson doesn’t have to be a sad mourning, but a happy recollection of his time on earth and the awesome thought that now he is with his sweet lige waiting the second coming of Christ and sharing the gospel there on the other side of the veil, kinda like Glenn.:)

I loved your thought momma and it goes with my thought from my studies this week in 3 Nephi!!:) In 3 Nephi 4 and it was when the gadianton robbers were a huge group in this moment and so the Nephites and some Lamanites all went to their biggest lands in Zarahemla and Bountiful to defend themselves. Then the gadianton robbers realize that they can’t do their normal attacks to assassinate and kill how they usually do so they go to war against them.... but what they didn’t know is that the Nephites were really strong in these lands. And a verse that caught my attention is in 3 Nephi 4: 8 – 10. When the Lamanites saw them on the ground they thought that they were afraid, but the Nephites were praying to God that he would give them strength; and they went against the Lamanites and had the POWER of the Lord with them... It is an amazing chapter and shows a lot of good lessons like one that if we live in our "strong lands" and if we are right with God and praying that he will deliver us out of the hands of our enemies, the Lord will be with us and we will have more than enough strength!!:)

Hope you have an amazing week momma!!:) Love you to infinity and beyond!:)

Love you!
Elder Shawners!!:)

Last Sunday with the furious 4 in Alerce!:)

A cool bridge in our sector

Epic walking pic

Playing soccer today


Soccer selfie (I was the goalie because I have my bad foot)

Shawarma with Hernandez

Shawarma with Vaughn

This picture is four days after I hurt it...

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Here's to a New Year! :)

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!! That’s crazy 2018 is already here. It feels like I just talked to you guys last year...;) haha yeah lame joke... This last week was really good!:) We had our zone conference on Tuesday and the AP’s talked about giving our heart to God and how we can do that. Like if our heart was a house we were trying to sell, would it be ready to give over to Christ? Do we have the confidence to give him our house and put our future in his hands and let him mold our future?:) It was a really cool conference!

As for our investigators, we met with the Alverado family this last week and talked about this new year and making new resolutions to start off this year (like coming back to church, and baptizing their daughter). It went really well! Oh and we got together with the bishop and ward mission leader to make the "mission plan" for the ward. We planned to have an activity to read the Book of Mormon as a ward and then have them share their experiences with their friends and others around them. So we are planning an MTC activity with the members to help them learn how to share the gospel! So it seems like it will be pretty great!:) I just hope I’m here because cambios are this next week. We will know at the end of this week if we have cambios or not!:)

On Saturday we went to 2 baptisms for investigators of the Elders in Fresia. It was so cool and we sang a special number as a zone. It was so amazing. I just love watching people getting baptized and how happy they are!!:)

As for the new year, we were with the Familia Sandoval and we had to be in at 10:30 in the house. But it was crazy. The house of one of the neighbors a block or so away started on fire! Luckily it didn’t burn down but it did have some good damage, but no worries it wasn’t close to us at all!;)

OH man I loved all of your photos and videos that you sent of the New Years celebration. It looked like you guys had a fun time. That’s super crazy that the weather has been so warm. It doesn’t look like you guys are going to have much of a winter this year, that’s crazy.

That is a sweet spiritual thought, thank you for that momma:) That’s the best way to start out this new year and to stay on our path or trek to our Heavenly Father: love, do and look forward!:) I have a quote for you today: "Although no one can go back and make a new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending!" I know this is true and God has a plan for each and every one of us!:) Love you to infinity and beyond momma!:) Thank you for the challenge! Have a great week!


The first five pictures are from their New Year's Eve Celebration with the Sandoval family:
Roasting a lamb

Intercambios with Elder Merchen

Selfie at the baptism

Rest of the pictures are from a zone activity on Monday:

With Elder Vaughn in the shirts they made for their zone!

Shawn with Elder Jacobs (who served in Osorno
but has been off his mission since July). He
went back to visit and saw Shawn in church on Sunday
 in Alerce. His mom sent me this picture!!!

Another picture from Sister Jacobs!

Monday, December 18, 2017


Hey momma how you doing????:) As for me I’m doing absolutely amazing. I am here working in the Lord’s vineyard, Christmas is next week, we are lighting the world, I get to talk to you guys in a week, what more can I ask for?:)

This last week has been really good here in Alerce. With the less active family that we found from the week before last (Alverado family), they said that one of their daughters said that she wants to get baptized. Her name is Consuelo and she is 10 years old!:) She is such an awesome girl! We are starting to teach her now and we are hoping to have them in the church this Sunday. Also we had an awesome lesson with Julieta, a newer investigator. We talked about the restoration and we read the scripture in the pamphlet about apostasy. She said "This is me! I’m looking for the Lord’s church!" So that was a really cool experience, and we showed the video of the restoration of 20 min. It was a really spiritual lesson!:) It’s amazing all of the little miracles and blessings that we see daily. I know that the Lord will use us if we are willing and worthy!!

Also that rain slide that happened in Chaiten, wasn’t actually in Chaiten. It was like 70 Km away. So no worries the elders there are doing great, we already talked to them!:) It’s funny because the elder that was just here before cambios went to Chaiten so the whole ward here was freaking out to see if he was ok!:) This ward is great!!:)

Sounds like your week was really great as well!!:) I loved all that fotos that you sent. It seemed like just another week in paradise!!:) haha. That’s sweet you got to go to the temple as well!:) And that is so true (the thought I sent about contemplating the Savior’s birth). It’s cool to think when the Lord came the first time (in his birth), it was very humble. There were all the signs of his birth, but it wasn’t a huge event. He was born in a stable with poor conditions. But when He comes again, He will come as King of all Kings in all his glory, with trumpets to announce his coming. So NO ONE can say that He is not Christ, the son of God. It is cool to think but thank you for your thought and I’ll keep that in mind this week for sure!!:) But I love you so much momma, like to infinity and beyond. Hope you have a great week! I’ll SEE you next week!:)

Elder Spencer

Us after service... hahaha

No hands selfie on the bikes!!

E. Vaughn cutting his investigators hair on intercambios

Our service at the fruteria sorting potatoes

Playing soccer on p-day

 The rest of these pictures are from the Christmas package I sent:

Our Christmas tree and presents! :)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Santa Claus is Coming to Town....

Hey momma!!:) How are you doing??:) This last week was awesome here in Alerce. We have been working a lot with the referrals that we have gotten from the members here, and we found a family of 9 this last week thanks to that!:) They are a less active family that haven’t gone to church in a long time and said that they had seen us in the street a few times and wanted to talk to us but were always busy with their work (bus drivers) so they couldn’t stop. But this week we have an appointment with them and they want to present their son in the church. Also one of their daughters isn’t baptized so we can help her with that as well! But it’s been an amazing week. Now we just have to start teaching all of these referrals and helping spread the Light of Christ!:)

Julieta is doing awesome. She is reading the Book of Mormon but she wasn’t able to come to church on Sunday because she was working. But she wants to come this weekend!:) Also Light the World is going awesome. We have been doing lots of service to help others and we have seen their happiness as well!:)

Also for the spiritual experience, when we found the family of 9, we actually went for a different referral close by... Then as we were leaving I had the thought pop into my head that we should contact the other referral. So we turned around on our bikes and that’s when we found the family Alverado of nine!!:)

That is so sweet about your week in Texas and that it snowed there for the first time in many years and it just so happened that you were there!;) Also that is sweet about the packages so thank you! And no worries I will let you know when I have them!!:) Also I love the thought ''But if not.'' It is so true. We have to have the faith to not be healed. Do we have the faith necessary in Jesus Christ? Is it as detectable as we would like it to be?? I love you so much momma!!:) I hope you have a great week!! Love you to infinity and beyond!!!

"What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create."


Monday, December 4, 2017


First of all I hope your anniversary is amazing and you guys had a happy 30th anniversary!:) All is great here in the mission. I’m as happy as ever and it's been an awesome time here!!:) I love my companion Elder Longo. It’s amazing how well we get along. I’m teaching him English and he’s teaching me a little of Portuguese as well!!:) Also yeah... about the umbrella... I was just walking with it and it was kinda like a cool cane. But obviously I didn’t use it to put weight on it, I just walked with it in my hand. But I like tripped when I was walking and put a little bit of pressure on it and it just snapped... haha but it’s chill. It’s been super sunny here this last week. The Lord has been blessing us with some amazing weather lately!:)

This last week was really great! We found 2 families that we are starting to teach now. One of them was a reference from a member here in the ward. It is her brother and he just had a baby and wants to present him in the church and bless him. So it will be awesome to keep working with them and get them to come to church again!:) Also him and his wife and other child aren’t baptized. So we can help them to feel the light of Christ again and hopefully help them to be baptized as a family!:) With the other family, we were walking this last week, just walking to the house, and then I felt I should knock on this random house. A lady came out and only she was there with her daughter. We talked about Christ and prophets with her for just a bit and we are going back this next week to share when the husband is there!:) All is going great here. I love Christmas time and Jesus Christ!:) Isaiah 9:6!:)

But I’m glad that your last week was really good!:) I loved the photos that you sent to me from your and dad’s dinner and walk in temple square. It looks like so much fun!!:) That looks really cool the German Christmas Village that you went and visited in SLC!:) But also I absolutely loved your thought that you shared (from Elder W. Craig Zwick’s talk "Lord, Wilt Thou Cause That My Eyes May Be Opened"). It’s so true. The world would be such a better place if we could look at others through the eyes of Jesus Christ!:) but we have to do what we can for us first to start changing the world!:)

I love you to infinity and beyond momma!:!) Thank you so much for all that you do!!:) Also have fun in the snow and stay safe and love this season of Christmas!!:)


Sweet view of the volcanos in Alerce!

Our house in Alerce

Service helping Hermana Claudia

We put all the stuff in this room (in the pic above too).

On the bus to Puerto Varas


In the process of churrichanga

With the crew in Alerce