Monday, April 10, 2017

The Promise from President Isom

Hey momma things are going really good over here on this side of the world.:) haha but this last week was a little crazy.. Our door broke and we’ve been having a few other things to fix in the house, so we did that starting last week. Then we had intercambios with Chaitén here in Quellón and I stayed in the house to fix the door and wait for the man to come fix our gas. Then my comp went and did some good visits with Karen and the familia Carroca. They had some good lessons with them and sharing the new Easter initiative #PrinceOfPeace. Then we had conference and interviews in Castro with President this week. In the conference President talked to us about a revelation that he received while watching conference! He said that God said that every companionship in the mission can baptize before the 15th of May and another before the end of June. Crazy right, that is so cool!! I know that we can do it and we are working really hard to accomplish that!!:) Also after conference and interviews we met with Jaime later in the week and watched the talk about the light and the testimony (talk) from President Monson. He loved it and is still progressing good. He said he has a lot of stresses in school and likes meeting with us because it helps him to feel better and re-focus. So it’s really cool to be able to meet with him.:)

So we just went and bought some completos and papas fritas!!:) (Chile’s version of hot dogs and fries). It was good. It’s crazy here, the food is pretty expensive.:) (the following isn’t complaining, just things about our mission) haha. So our mission (Chile, Osorno) is one of the most expensive missions in Chile, Argentina, Brazil.. and we receive one of the least amounts of "Aporte" (money for food and expenses of living in the mission). So I talked to President about it in our interview and he is looking into it. The problem is the church has money to give us, but some missionaries choose to be stupid and not use that money for the mission and buy clothes... (which shouldn’t be done with that money..) so it’s a little difficult for President. I told him to just send those elders to their house..;) haha but idk he’s at least looking into it and they gave us a little more for this next month.:) haha

Well that sounds like you had a great week. I’m glad that you went to the temple and I loved the pics that you sent me of the temples and of Meg and her kids. It looked really fun!!:) Also I heard about grandpa’s surgery, that’s crazy. I’ll keep him in my prayers and please let me know how it goes..:) Also thank you for Jayce´s email!!!!:) and thank you about the package. I’ll let you know when I have it!!:)

Thank you for your spiritual thought momma. I love that and it is so true. I have seen it time and time again, the best way to teach is in an atmosphere of trust and love! Well one really good example I have of this is you... ;) you and dad have been the best teachers for CJ, Chad and me. It is because of you guys that we are the men we are today. You rock momma and I agree with Megan, you need to write a book!!;) But seriously though love you momma and thank you for all that you have ever done for us.:)

Love you to eternity and beyond!!!
Elder Shawners Spencer

Shawn, Elder Gonzalez, Elder Vaughn, Elder Braddock

A beautiful church in Castro

Pictures from inside the church

The woodwork is beautiful!

Shawn just loves this little girl!!! He told her mamita
that he was going to have to take her with him
when he leaves the area :)

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