Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2 Weeks Gone!!

I'm so glad that you got my email. I am so excited [for our call on Saturday] and maybe I can talk to you a little bit in Spanish when we call haha ;). Thank you so much for the package. I haven't received it yet but hopefully I will soon!! That sounds like quite the package. I might get mauled by my companions if there is any food in there. I miss Koda too but I don't think that he would fit on my bed here... haha. I literally have like two inches in between the head and footboard without touching. 

It sounds like you guys had quite the week and it sounds honestly like a lot of fun!! As for my spiritual experience this week it was really weird. I decided that for my personal study in the morning I wanted to have the question be answered: "Will my family be ok for the next 2 years?" When I started reading it was in Alma 10, and the whole time I read it I was thinking about Grandpa Spencer. I thought it was really weird but I felt like I should tell you to read and pray about that. So I don't know if it's for dad's dad or for anyone but be careful who you are contending with. I know the Lord tells us things for a reason even sometimes when we don't have any idea why.

I had a feeling when I read about that in Alma 10 that Grandpa Spencer wasn't doing very good but I know that he is happy and will be even happier after. I hope dad is doing ok. Just let him know the Lord loves him! And sorry I had a really small amount of time last week and this week, but I got to almost everyone today!! :) 

The food has been a little rough at times on my stomach but I'm doing a lot better. Today was picture day at the temple this week and I'll try to send a few!!

Love you so much and can't wait to talk to you on Saturday!!!!

-Élder Spencer
PS we are the only MTC to put the tilde above the E!!!!:)

At the Bogotá Columbia Temple
He said this was a recreation of a Beatles cover photo :)

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  1. Looking and sounding so good! So happy to hear he is doing well and loving it!

    Christine Hunt