Monday, July 25, 2016

Rain, Lots of Walking, and All is Good Here! I'm Still Happy!!

Si, cosas estan bien aqui en chile, no mucho excito la semana pasada pero la trabajo continua cada dia. :) (Roughly translates to…good things here in Chile, not much success last week but the work continues every day.) Yeah it is a ton of rain like every other day now. It snows on the volcano a lot, but only rain here. And it’s probably like just above 35 degrees Fahrenheit. I think… haha it’s just cold. But I love it still and love coming home wet to the house at the end of the night. Oh and we have firewood now too so that is good!! That stinks about Utah having no rain but it sounds about like usual. Yes it is so beautiful here and I will try and get more pictures for you with me in them, even though I don’t like myself in pics but that’s ok haha. It’s all about the memories right? We made Chilean bread with a member this week but I won’t have the pics until next week.

Yes my talk was in Spanish!!! It was a little scary but I had a way good talk prepared and it was about 11 min long about the First Vision. It was a little rough but I still felt the spirit and the members loved it. It is a branch here with about 50 people every week, but in the summer it’s like 180 because of all the tourists. It is amazing to me how much things happen in this church and there are such profound things behind the simple teachings. For my spiritual thought this week it is on John 11:35. It is about the story of Lazarus. He was getting ready to die and Jesus left to go and perform a miracle. When he came back he was going to heal Lazarus who now was dead, but he saw the family of Lazarus and they were all in such sadness and pain. In verse 35 it says "Jesus Wept." Why did Jesus cry if he was about to work a mighty miracle? Well that is because Jesus knows us and all the pains we are going through. Even though he was about to heal Lazarus, he still felt the pain of the family and that is how Christ is. He is always here for us and will cry with us even when in the short future ahead our miracle is coming. :) That is my testimony and thought this week for you. :)

So a normal day is 7:00 to 8:30 is exercise, shower, eat then 8:30 to 12:00 is different studies including my trainings and such. So after my training we will be able to leave a little earlier and proselyte more.:) but then we have lunch with Pato from 1:30 until 3:00, then for the rest of the day we are out proselyting and going to citas (meetings) and stuff. But we go out and "knock" doors a lot but mostly to knock you yell "Halo" and then they decide to come to the door or not...;) haha, but we also do street contacts when we are walking around and yes our area is HUGE. The top part is on a hill so we are walking a lot or taking colectivos (which are kinda like cheap taxis). I’m definitely getting in my walking though. Every day we walk that hill sometimes 3 or 4 times a day!! But to walk to Pato’s house for lunch, if we walk fast it takes 45 min... haha. And our investigators are good but we didn’t really have a lot of contact last week cause all the meetings we set with them fell though or they weren’t there but it’s all good. I’m still happy. This next week will be better I feel it. :) You just gotta keep the best attitude you can is what I have realized.

Dang your work really is the bomb that sounds so sick. I definitely hope you are there when I get back!! haha and can they give me a massage for free too? haha but no that is so sweet. I’m glad you like it there and I’m glad the whole family is doing good too. That is sweet about the 24th.  I bet it was a party, and tell Heather hi and to email me!!! I will definitely read those scriptures she shared in her talk (1 Chronicles 28:20 and Proverbs 3:5-6). :)

Love you mom!! All is good here and I hope you guys are doing good as well. Talk to you next week. :)

Elder Spencer (Shawners)

Here are my pics for the week. They are all cool pics from my zone that flooded from the rain. They are in the Los Volcan part of Villarrica and the volcano.

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