Monday, August 1, 2016

A Little Trouble with the Fireplace Glass Window, Pres. Obeso Interview and Thoughts on Faith and Weaknesses

Yes we are having tons of fun in the rain!! And yeah it’s great to have fire wood but it sucks when you break the glass window on the door of the fireplace.... haha but it is easy to replace. I just gotta buy the glass and tools... Sodimac here I come! Sodimac is the Home Depot of Chile haha it’s awesome!! That is one thing I liked about Utah was the crazy weather, but I’m glad I’m not there for the heat haha. And yeah, the bread is so good. I don’t like the pictures cause I’m wearing an apron that is all girly!! (He’s sending me those pictures next week hopefully, but one is below). The best food I have probably had so far was from Pato and is called "Aji de Gallina" and it’s the first picture. But DANG it is so good and I loved it!! (yes I got the recipe;). And the worst?? um I haven’t had anything horrible yet well I guess just getting used to foods I don’t like, como tomatoes and fish; but they don’t eat a lot of fish in this sector so I’m lucky for now :).

Seriously thank you so much for the package and I’ll make sure my new card works today. We had the chili cheese dip the second night after I got my package!! It was sooooo good and Elder Thomas was a fan too (picture 2). The gloves are really nice too and they fit!! Everyone in the district is like “I like your "oven" mitts!!” haha but I love them so thank you.

Things are good here. The Spanish is doing good. It is still hard but I can understand pretty well and talk better now too but it still needs work. I have had a couple times where I have really felt the gift of tongues though. Last week we had a meeting with Max and his family and Pres. and Hermana Obeso came because they were in town for interviews. It was such a great lesson and that was the strongest I have felt the spirit with Pres. Obeso there it was crazy!!!!

Pres. Obeso does interviews every other month. We met as companionships and alone. He said it seems like I am learning fast and he says I have a powerful spirit and to keep on studying and practicing. It was good. Then he gave a story about two types of missionaries and asked which on I want to be. It was really cool :). My first zone conference the first week I was here we got a really good talk about being a consecrated missionary so that has helped me a lot. Also we are going to Osorno in two weeks for a devotional so that will be sweet!

We didn’t have a ton of success on the investigator side but we worked a lot with the ward this past week and had some great "Noche de Hogars" (translation: home evenings). Also we helped Pato do a dinner for the parents in the branch whose kids are in seminary and that was a way cool activity :). (pictures below). There was gnocchi that we made and we watched some seminary videos and talked with the branch so that was good. We do have one family who the husband is a returned missionary and is a member but his "wife" isn’t a member. They are at church every week and I put "wife" because they aren’t married. That is really common in Chile. So all we need to do is go visit with them and help her see the importance of marriage, but the only hard part is they live way far out in the campo so we have to go with a member who has a car.. and so we haven’t been out there yet. But they have the cutest little kid!!!

Yes it is crazy how big this area is, and I started insanity so my legs are sore!! haha but I love it so it’s all good! It’s crazy that it is already August!! But no Carlos hasn’t been progressing so we are meeting with him this week and we might have to drop him for a while...:/ but it’s all on the Lord’s timing.:)

That is a really good thought mom thank you and it is so true faith is so important and action along with faith too. Through treating faith like you said (like it says in In Alma 32:28 “…it beginneth to be delicious to me) we can grow our faith. My thought goes along with yours :). How can we have faith and be perfected in Christ when we are all so weak and imperfect? Some say that they have so many faults and weaknesses that they can’t count them. Well if you read in Either 12:27 what does it say? It says "Weakness" not plural, singular. Our only weakness in our lives is like it says in John 15:5 (…for without me ye can do nothing.). If we abideth in Christ and have faith, we can do anything; but without Christ we have nothing. Our only weakness is not having Christ in our lives or not following Him. If we can follow Christ and make him the center of our life, our weaknesses will go away and through Christ’s grace we can be saved :). Love you and that’s all for this week! Can’t wait to hear back.

Love you mom and I’ll keep it up here and you do the same!!:)

Love Elder Spencer

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