Monday, August 29, 2016

I'm in the Sector...

Villarrica!!!! I’m staying here for another Cambio!!! But yes Elder Thomas went to Valdivia (Calle Calle is the zone) to be a zone leader!!! But as for me I have a LATINO COMP now!! His name is Elder Medina and he is the bomb!!! He is from Argentina! He has been about 21 months in the mission but I think this is gonna be an awesome transfer! It is still a little difficult to always speak Spanish but I am already getting a lot better.:) Yeah I know that this was coming, I just didn’t want Elder Thomas to leave but that is the mission haha.

The mission is going really good. We got a lesson in with Camila this past week and we are going to meet with her tonight too!! The thing we are focusing on with her is getting her to come to church because she is gone a lot but I know it will come with time!!:) The most spiritual experience this last week. Well I think the spiritual thing for me was the Lord helping me with the gift of tongues and giving me the confidence to do a whole lot of new things. With Elder Thomas gone, I have to lead the Sector until Elder Medina learns the area a little more and even in only Spanish!!! This first week with him was way good and we could actually communicate a lot. My Spanish is actually a lot better than I thought, but it is still scary right out of my training. But as I have trusted in the Lord, I have seen everything work out so that was good.:) But as for the cookware, they have it here but not in our houses.. haha; and the LDS library, we don’t really have access to it because we don’t have very many ways to access electronics. So it’s all just us and the books we have here. We can look on our mission page but we aren’t on computers much.

That is sweet about the Book of Mormon. You should read D&C next.:) It sounds like you had a pretty great week and thank you so much for the package, I’ll let you know when it gets here!!:) Yeah you’ll have to have CJ make me a pen!!! 

Dang!! That is really crazy about the ward boundaries. I’m sure a lot of people were sad. That stinks that a lot of the ward is gone!!!!! :( but its ok. I know it’s for a good reason and God wanted it to be that way!!. I hope our ward can be as strong as the old one... And that’s good CJ and Jess are still in our ward!!:) It will be interesting to see all the new faces I bet!

For this week I just want to share Helaman 5:12 and say that through Christ is how we have a strong base and testimony that won’t fall; but also through reading, praying, and going to church we can have the strength to endure anything!!!!!

Love you momma and hope you have a great week!!!


Seeing Elder Thomas off to his new area.

Shawn and his new companion Elder Medina.


  1. What am I going to do now that I will hardly ever get pictures?!?! I loved these and all the other ones that Shawn shared. I'm so glad to know they loved serving together and grew spiritually together as well. I'll still be checking in to see how he's doing.

    1. If I ever get any more with your son in them, I'll be sure to share. I'm sure he will do amazing things in Valdivia; and who knows, maybe they'll get to serve together again some time ;).

  2. When Shawn says something about cookware did he mean computers? I got lost there in that part if the letter.

    1. Of the letter. Love my grammar.

    2. Of the letter. Love my grammar.

  3. No he is talking about proper bowls to bake with ie cookware hahaha. He mentioned something about that in his letter last week so I asked him for more details.