Monday, September 5, 2016

One Crazy Week That Started Out Like Normal...

HAPPY LABOR DAY MOMMA!!! Haha I honestly didn’t even realize it was labor day, that is crazy because I feel like I’ve been out here for such a short amount of time (I mean which I have been but it feels shorter). But I mean I’m coming up on 5 months in the mission. Like what the heck, I still can’t speak Spanish very well.. haha. But I’m loving it and like you said, I’m definitely losing myself in the Lord’s work!! As for D&C, yeah section 4 is what our purpose as missionary’s is, and I just love all the knowledge that is added with D&C. It’s some crazy stuff. About the pictures, I’m sorry I’ll try to send some this week. I need to get some more pictures of Pucon. I’ve been here for 3 months and haven’t gone on one sight-seeing trip!! We are definitely going next week I believe :). We can go anywhere in the zone for p-days as long as its within our p-day but we just are always doing stuff. This week we helped the Hermanas of Pucon move into their new house so that was fun :).

It’s crazy that I’ve only been with my companion for 2 weeks cause it feels like I’ve known him for longer!! Haha. And it’s crazy to only speak Spanish but I’m getting used to it and starting to like it more and more. I just want to be able to say all that I feel!! We usually only talk in Spanish but sometimes he will ask me how to say things in Spanish or I’ll try to describe to him something I want to say in Spanish... so it’s lots of fun. It’s kinda like a game sometimes :). Also the thing I admire the most about my companion is the way he can instantly meet someone and relate to them and be friends with them so fast, it’s awesome. That’s how I want to be. I know it’s a little easier when he already is Latino but that is how I want to be. I want to be really good at relating to everyone I talk to :).

The week started out like normal. We taught Camila and she is still progressing well and then we played ping pong on Tuesday with our Branch. Then...ok this is where everything went crazy this last week. We were supposed to have our Zone Conference with President Obeso this last week on Thursday... but it got canceled so we did our district meeting on Thursday. Then the zone leaders called us that night and told us we needed to go to Valdivia on Saturday for the Zone Conference. But no buses left early enough on Saturday so we had to leave Friday night and it killed all of our citas and plans we had... But on the good side, we stayed with Elder Thomas in Valdivia on Friday!!!:) Then on Saturday everything was just like normal. We had a great conference, then President Obeso said that he is leaving the mission on Sept 16!!!!!!! He has cancer and so he needs to leave to get it all fixed and healed. Also Hermana Stone is going home too because her knee is really bad so she is going back to the US to have it looked at. So it was a sad way to end a zone conference but it’s ok. I know it’s all for the best in the end! I hope that Hermana Stone is ok though. She was having a rough time and I hope she can get her knee fixed fast! Lastly yesterday in church our old investigator Carlos called us and was like sorry I’ve been super crazy with work but I want to be baptized!!! So we met with him last night and put him with a fecha (date)!! And now we are meeting with him again on Wednesday so we will see how that goes :).

That’s right mom you represent!! (I had to go buy a BYU shirt to wear to work because my work is filled with a lot of Ute fans….) That’s gonna be a crazy game (this Saturday is the BYU vs. Utah game). You have to let me know what happens with the game!! But that is good that BYU won their season opener and I hope it continues!!:) Also yes I got the package at the zone conference and everyone was freaking out… like dang whose is this?!?! Thank you so much for the package and all the food. I love it!!:) And I loved the ties, they are both sick! For real, thanks for all you do, you are awesome!!!

It sounds like it has been a great week with the family and that is so cool for Olivia and Jex!!  Thank you so much for the pictures of the family and you guys!!:) And thank you for that thought about losing yourself in the work and you shall find yourself and be strengthened. It is so true. It is like my mission scripture Mosiah 2:18; when we are serving others we are serving God, but the important part is our attitude. We can only truly lose ourselves in the service of others if we really love to do it :). SO that is my message -- LOVE WHAT YOU DO. If you have a good attitude, it can make all the difference in the world :). Love you mom and that’s it for this week!!

Love you momma!!!

Thanks for the dope package! 

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  1. I always love reading his updates! He is doing so good!

  2. So glad he's doing so well and that our sons got to see each other again so quickly! I saw brown sugar on his shelf. You must have sent him some in his package! I didn't realize they can't get that there until I read it in one of Shawns emails. I don't know how they made the frosting for the cinnamon rolls without it for Dallas birthday. They didn't complain so I guess they made due.

  3. Shawn was pretty excited he got to see Dallas again! And yes I actually sent him two packages of brown sugar a while ago, so he probably already had it when they made their cinnamon rolls. I thought that was strange that they don't have it there... Speaking of cinnamon rolls, I was actually wondering about that the other day. What did you send him so he could make them?