Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Busy Week of Teaching, Council Meetings and Helping the Hermanas Feel Better

Oh man where do I begin... well first off.. Hi momma!! I am doing great. We have the baptism of Carlos coming up this weekend and the baptism of the investigator of the hermanas of Pucon also! But this last week... hmmm.. well as you know we were invited to the family Mora and the family Silva! We had a ton of food, played arco arco, and did some service also. Then over the next couple of days we had Consejo de distrito y Consejo De Lideres (translation: District Council and Leadershp Council). Haha I don’t know the proper name for them in English but it is where we go and learn how to better ourselves as missionaries. We talked a lot about changing our attitude for the better, and how we can do we that? How I believe we can do that, and what we talked about a lot, was changing our mentality and how we see things. Are we putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes? So that is a short thought that I liked. If we want to help others, we need to "put ourselves in their shoes".:)

The hermanas that are in the other part of Villarrica were really sick and couldn’t leave their apartment, so we helped them a lot during the week taking them medicine and other stuff they needed. Also we had various lessons with Carlos and he I think, is ready for baptism!!! It’s hard to teach him in the lessons sometimes because he likes to talk a lot but its ok, it helps us to know what he knows and doesn’t know.:) We found Camila again this last week. It is really hard with her because she wants to join the church but she isn’t that serious about how fast... so we are teaching her and she is still progressing well!!! Also this is Isiais' last week of treatments for his cancer then we can teach him starting this coming week! just in time for cambios... but it’s all good we will figure that out when it comes.:)

Dang that is sad about Jess's car but at least you have good ole blue to come to the rescue..;) haha but that is funny about the truck at the church. Also I loved the picture of the Broncos Crockpot that is so sick!!!! Oh man you guys are really killing it with the salsa!!! But that’s good that you are almost done!!!;) haha

That is funny you talk about how you want to have a better attitude...;) I really do believe that if we can change our mentality like I said earlier, we can change our feelings of being happy here and there to being a happy person. That is so cool that you guys all went down to the Manti temple and had the opportunity to be there with Joe!!:) Also I’m glad you all had fun at the session for the women!!:)

Wow that sounds like it was a really good session of conference!!!:) Thank you so much for your thoughts and I’m going to work on those. I definitely won’t let Satan discourage me. Because when he comes at us with bad things, we can always remind Satan of his future. Our future is eternal life if we can only persevere hasta el fin!!!:) (translation: until the end)

Love you mom and don’t worry, I’ll have a lot to talk about next week, I believe about the conference. Love you mom and have a great week and remember, it’s all about our mentality and how we look at things!!!:)

Love you forever!!:)

Something called "pan" that they cook outside

Making empanadas!!


  1. Oh my word! The picture of the cooking outside with the big tub thing brought back memories of my uncles in California and all the cooking of Spanish food they would do! He is doing so good! I am so loving his weekly's and pictures! Such a blessing to us to share in his experiences!

  2. I love his positive attitude. What a great missionary.