Monday, October 3, 2016

Put ‘Er In Compound Dorothy!!!

Oh man... this last week was insane... First off we had to do the baptism interview of the Hermana’s investigator Leslie in Pucón, then the next day the baptism interview of Carlos. Then the next day we started out our day doing service for the mom of the boss of Pato. She isn’t a member and so this was a good opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are going to teach her later this week I believe. Also, moving forward for a sec, we have cambios this week and we haven’t heard anything yet for me or Elder Medina, but I’ll keep you posted. Ok going back.. then Friday we cleaned the baptism font and the church because they both hadn’t been cleaned in a while. Then on Saturday we went to our church and started to fill the font, (because it takes like 3 hours to fill... well with warm water), then we went and watched the conference in the church in Ancuhal. (It’s in Villarrica just in the Hermana’s sector). I watched the first session in Spanish then all the others in English because they set up another room for English. Then after the first session we went back to our church, where we had the BAPTISM OF CARLOS AND LESLIE!!!!:) and I was able to baptize Leslie so that was so cool!!:) And it was so amazing! They were both so happy and ready to be baptized. We are going to play ping pong with Carlos tonight because he doesn’t have work.:) Also I’m glad you liked the fotos from Max and I’ll try to send lots!!:)

That is so true, conference was simply amazing and it was so true they talked a lot also about having joy and how we can have joy, because of Christ!!!:) Oh man I learned so many things from this conference but, also I loved those 2 quotes that you shared it is so true. If you are going to leave this church and Christ, where will you go?

Also I loved so many talks but the one I thought was the best for me was by Carl B. Cook and was about serving in the church. “Put ‘er in compound Dorothy!!!” haha. He said we need to "Gear down, and power up'' and keep pushing forward. It’s so true we need the help of every member and missionary to serve with a WILLING heart and the church will continue to grow stronger and stronger.:) That was about the quote that you shared but literally I have 8 PAGES FRONT AND BACK of notes and I feel like conference was so short. Also my hand writing is bigger too but I was flying through pages in my notebook.

I can’t wait till the conference Ensign comes out so I can study it more; but I love this conference so much and I think it helped so much that I took your advice and wrote down my questions. I’m still setting my goals but yes I did it!!:) There is so much to choose from but a couple are:
             1- Gear down, and power up and keep pushing forward
             2- Have patience (like the quote people only learn when they want)
             3- Teach the happiness and proclaim the plan of God (in the talk from Pres. Uchtdorf)
To name a few... haha but oh man I have so much I want to apply and work on from this conference, but one thing at a time I guess haha. And thank you for sharing your goals. I love them and I’ll work on those also!!:)

I also loved Prophet Monson’s talk. It was short but so powerful!! Also he looked like he was doing a lot better in the morning session then in the priesthood session so that is good.:) The Hermanas are doing a lot better too thanks to the conference and I think us a little.. haha but also Hermana Stone (she is in Utah and had surgery last week I believe) and Hermana Gutke (she was in my district in the CCM) are doing better now.:) And I’ll let you know about cambios when I know...:)

Love you momma. Thank you so much for the pictures and the email and your love!!:) Love you and have a great week momma!!!

Love you to eternity and back!!;)

Elder Spencer (Shawners)

Baptism of Leslie (2nd from left) and Carlos (far right)

Carlos, Elder Medina, Joaquin, Elder Spencer :)

Just watching conference (Max and Shawn)

More conference time with Shawn and Max

Elder Medina doing some service

All cleaned up!

Hanging around at the lake

Contemplating the mission :)

Elders and Hermanas in Villarrica

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