Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!!

Wow this last week flew by!!! For starters we usually have consejo de lideres (council leaders?) every week in Panguipulli, but starting this week we only have consejo de lideres once a month!! So that was a new thing that President changed. Also the rules have changed in our mission so we can play soccer now!!! haha It’s not as good as football; but no one here plays football, so soccer will work for now.:) Also it is a really good way for us as missionaries to do contacts! This last week was really good. Isaias was in Valdivia so we only taught him once and we taught about the plan of salvation. He really liked the idea that we can live with our families forever so that was awesome!!:) Also this last week we did a ton of service for people and we taught Sonia!! so that was sweet. We had 2 new investigators show up to church so it was awesome!! :) But overall this last week was great and haha on Sunday I got asked last minute (as sacrament was starting) to give a talk on missionary work. ALSO I filled 15 minutes in Spanish!! It was actually really cool. I definitely had the spirit with me helping me the whole time!

Wow haha that is so sweet about the trunk or treat!! As for here in Chile not really many people celebrate it. But everyone loves Halloween because it is an excuse not to work. But hey who wouldn’t!!;) I saw the pictures that is awesome!! Thank you for the pics!! Also it sounds like your trip for work was more like a vacation!!;) haha no but that is awesome. What was your favorite place you visited??

That is crazy about Devin!! I can’t believe he is already leaving!! haha that is sweet that he is going to Mexico! I love that thought from him about being ripped with faith! I am definitely going to work on that!! Also thank you so much for your thought about fasting and the challenge, I’m gonna do it!! It is so true about the blessings and peace we can receive from prayer and fasting. Prayer is here for us to talk with our Heavenly Father. He wants us to talk with him and he wants to help us but first we need to do our part!!:)

Love you momma and thank you for everything. I hope that this week is awesome. Also I hope you like the pictures!!:) Keep praying and being spiritually prepared for cualquiere desafio (any challenge) !!:) Love you!

Love you mom,
Elder Spencer:)

This is Hermano Valenia. We helped him finish this light fixture!!!

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