Monday, November 7, 2016

Ojos De Caburgua!!!:)

Hey momma!! Things are going very well here in Villarrica Chile! Also thank you about the talk! It honestly was awesome because it didn’t even feel like it was that long! But my Spanish is definitely getting better though, but the gift of tongues is so real. I know I am getting better in my Spanish; and I know if it wasn’t for the Lord, I wouldn’t have this gift or the power and authority that I have right now.:)

This last week was really good! We had a "noche de hogar" (family home evening) with the branch here and not a whole lot of people showed up, but with the people we had there it was a really good family home evening. We started out by showing a video of the temple, then we talked about the "pasos" or the steps to get to the temple. After the lesson we played the game where you put the name of a person on a paper on your forehead and you have to ask people questions to figure out who you are. It was so fun!!:) And the reason we talked about temples is because the branch here is going to the temple this coming Friday so I am so excited for them!!

Also today we went to Ojos de Caburgua!! and it was so beautiful!!! Oh man I’ll try to send some cool pics but it is like a grove that has a bunch of different water falls! It was so cool and also Elder Thomas came up from Valdivia with his companion to go!

Wow I can imagine why that was your favorite place!!:) (I was speaking of the Philadelphia temple). That temple is so beautiful!! Also I am so down to go to a bunch of different temples after I get home, but it will be in a little while;) haha cause I have some work to do here!

That sounds like you had a way crazy week, but a way fun Halloween!! haha oh man I love that game and oh man Brooklyn is so cute! I remember me and Chad use to always play with her and chase her around! But I’m glad that you still love your work!

I love fast Sundays as well!! And as for this branch usually we have about 45 or 50 people in the church but this last Sunday we had 35..:/ but still the people are a little shy at first but after 1 or 2 people, a lot of people start to get up and share so it is really cool!! I love to listen to everyone here get up and bear their testimony! But oh man I remember that talk and yes that is definitely very important. For my thought this week it goes along with yours: Love the people you serve. If you can truly learn to love others, it is amazing the things you can do to help them and the trust they will have in you!!

Love you momma and thank you for everything you do!! I hope you have a great week and I’ll talk to you next week ok!!:))

Elder Spencer (Shawners)

Showing some muscle at Ojos de Caburgua

Ojos de Caburgua

Noche de hogar

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