Monday, November 21, 2016

1st Week as District Leader and Trainer

Well thank you so much mom, and I know that I can do it but it is definitely scary!! haha no but I love it and I know that with the Lord that anything is possible!! That is so true and I know that the spirit really can guide us and give us exactly what we need to know and do. This week I lost/left my keys in a random house because we knocked on their door and then went and gave them a blessing. My oil is on my keys, and when we left I forgot my keys on the table. Then later in the day I realized I lost my keys and couldn’t remember what happened. So we were in the house and I prayed and it was so cool; I had a clear picture in my head of the exact place the keys were. Then I remembered the exact house that I left them in!! Oh man it was so cool!! But when we went and got my keys, there was a drunk guy in the house and he threatened to kill us haha so we left rather quickly after we got my keys... haha

But as for Elder Vasquez he is from De Valparaiso, Chile!! He is a really cool guy!! He loves to talk with people so we were talking with basically everyone in the streets, and it was funny. He was waving at cars (and there are a ton of cars that drive by) and saying hi to everyone that passed. He is filled with excitement and it is really cool. It is funny cause I thought I had a lot of excitement!! As for teaching, President Isom showed us a way to teach really simply but powerfully with the folletos that we have of the lessons. It is great because it is clear, short and they can understand easier from what I have seen, because I have been using it with Elder Vasquez and it works really well. Also, Ignacio is doing really well. We taught him the restoration and he really liked it and said he was going to pray to know if it was true!! Also he accepted a baptism date for the 10th of December!

Thank you ahead of time for the package momma!! and thank you Melanie as well!!! But dang really mom!!!!:/ (I told him he had to wait until Christmas to open his presents and couldn’t peek at the stockings hahaha). but ahhh ok. I will wait for the stuff that is wrapped!! And thank you for the heads up, I will read the note.:) Thank you so much for everything momma!!

Wow that is cool about the product launch, how is that going? but oh man I miss going to plays!! haha I know funny right? But the plays there are really good! They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here but I’m trying to set up a noche de hogar/mini Thanksgiving with the Hermana Hugeth and her family!

That is awesome about the New Testament. It is so true that if we have the spirit with us, and do our part to have the spirit, also having confidence in the spirit; then the spirit will give us the words to say! I love that. Thank you so much momma for everything you do. I hope you have a great week this week!!!

Do work mom!! and can’t wait to hear back!!
Shawners :)

Elder Thomas, Shawn and his new companion Elder Vasquez

What can I say... that face :)

Shawn with Hermano Mora from his ward

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