Monday, November 28, 2016

District Conference with President

Things are going pretty well here in Villarrica, Chile. Just chillin’ here in the cyber after we walked down from the house and stopped to take some pictures of the beautiful volcano here and the beautiful sights as well...;) haha naw but I’m good and I have liked being with my new companion Elder Vasquez. We have been killin’ it this last week and Ignacio is continuing well. We had a noche de hogar (family home evening) with him and the family of the Hermana Hugeth, and another less active family and it was really cool! Not exactly the mini Thanksgiving I was expecting but it was an awesome noche de hogar for the least!!:) As for Isaias he is in Santiago... but we have a new investigator named Monica and she is really cool. She has been really receptive to us and she has started to read and pray so that is awesome!!:) Also we have a new investigator Nivia who can speak English and she lived in Utah, in Saint George for a couple years and now lives here again!!:) Oh and this past Sunday we had district conference and President Isom came and spoke! It was so cool to hear him and his wife speak. It was so powerful to hear them speak:) also after we had interviews with President as well so that was sweet!!

As for being district leader I am here basically to help the missionaries in my district to be motivated and to help them to become better missionaries. So every week I have a district meeting. Most district leaders look at the numbers for the last week and basically put shame on their missionaries to get better lessons, new investigators, investigators in the church, ect. But as for me, I like to put our goals for the next week up and talk with the missionaries as to how we are going to achieve them and basically what is our purpose to try and achieve these. Which truthfully is to share the gospel and bring souls unto Christ in the most efficient way possible.:) haha sorry I don’t know if that makes sense...

I know!!! It’s so crazy that December is basically here!! I feel like we just started November!! but oh man I’m so happy that Thanksgiving was awesome!!:) It doesn’t feel like Christmas here. It’s hot. Right now it’s only about 80 degrees but its friggen humid... and tomorrow it says 95 degrees... with 65 % humidity… How is everyone in the family and what are they all up too?? But seriously thank you so much for the pics and I hope everyone is well! Well basically my mini Thanksgiving was the noche de hogar, so it was pretty sweet!!:) And yes mom I’ll let you know about the package!:)

That’s a really cool thought!! I like that a lot!! (I told him about a speaker in sacrament meeting who talked about how we are fighting an evil prince and must find our inner peace in order to defeat him, which we can do through the Atonement.) That is so true to find our inner peace in this life we really have to understand and appreciate the loving atonement and sacrifice that Jesus did for us. He suffered and died and was resurrected so that through him we don’t need to suffer and we too can be resurrected after this life.:)

Thank you momma for all that you do!!:) You really don’t know how awesome you are!! Thank you for everything!! Have a great week ok?!:) Love you to eternity and back!!:) and remember 1 Nephi 3:7 and #Nike2k16 #Justdoit

Love you more!!
Elder Shawners Spencer

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