Monday, December 5, 2016

The Spirit Stopped Me in My Tracks...

I’m glad you guys had a good anniversary and also I’m glad that you got to go out with everyone!!:) It sounds like it was a lot of fun and also oh man I love the Forgotten Carols!!:) That is so fun that you got to go to that, how did dad like it?:) haha. Oh man you have no idea, this past week flew by for us as well. I love when we have a week planned well because we are working and going crazy all of the days. So the days just fly by but the important part is that we use our time wisely and also that we strive to have the spirit in the midst of the craziness.:)

We as a district had a great week this last week. The Hermanas in our district did work this past week with finding and teaching people!! I like being district leader so far! haha well also I haven’t really had any big challenges as of yet. Well that’s not true, it’s hard to do a district meeting for an hour and a half but I’ve seen that if I prepare good and when I start, the spirit takes over and helps me with what to say and share!! It is honestly amazing!!:) Oh and this past week I had a super cool experience. Elder Vasquez and I have been working on using a list we have of the members in our sector because we have like 45 or so who come to church but there are over 500 who are in our ward according to this list. So we pick names of people and families to go and see if they still live here or what happened and if possible try to teach them. So the other day I wrote down like 6 names of people on this list of members to visit. After we had visited the first 5, all of the people on the list had moved or weren’t living..:/ so after we were walking and I had forgotten about this last name we had. Then suddenly when Elder Vasquez and I were walking, I suddenly stopped (it felt like something had stopped me..) then I looked to the left and it was exactly the address of the last name on the list. It wasn’t the name on the list but the women (Pamela) who was in the house recently moved into this house and she had talked with missionaries before but it had been like 10 years! So we started talking to her and her three boys who are 12, 6, 2 and they were interested and said we could come back and visit next week! So we are going to visit them this week and see how it goes.:) But this was a really cool experience for me because it shows that if we have the spirit, then He will always help us to do and follow God’s will – including stopping me in the middle of my tracks.:) So my thought for this week is always try to live in a way so that the spirit can and will dwell within you.:)

Also Ignacio is doing well. He worked this last week so he couldn’t come to church but, he is reading and continuing to pray, oh man he is so boss!!:) haha. Thank you momma for the package and for everything you are doing!!:) My package is in the zone leader's house and I think Hna Hugeth's husband is going to bring it from Panguipulli today so I’ll let you know when I have it!!:) and there was one other thing I was gonna ask for but I forgot... I’ll send another message if I remember!!:)

Thank you mom and I hope your week is more fantasticer than mine!!:) haha but thank you for the scripture and I’m gonna look it up!:) Also it is so true the New Testament and Matthew are such good books, definitely inspired by God.;) Love to forever and back momma! I hope you have a great week and stay safe ok!!:)

Elder (Shawners) Spencer

Shawn with a cute puppy they found in the street.

Puppies they found in the street. He said they were mini Koda's :).

Seminary / Institute Graduation!

Watching the crazy storm coming!!

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