Monday, December 12, 2016

Week of Service and Teaching

I am doing freaking awesome thank you for asking!!:) To start off with the package, I will be receiving it this week... haha. We are going to have inter-cambios with the Zone Leaders so I will get it then.. I think we are doing the inter-cambios Thursday I believe.:) We had Victor (Hermana Hugeth’s husband) who worked in Panguipulli a couple of days this last week try to meet up with the zone leaders to get the packages, but with their separate schedules it never worked out.. but it’s all good haha. I think that’s the Lord telling me to chill and be patient.:) It’s hard cause all the hermanas want their packages too.... :)

I’m glad you like the story and no we haven’t been able to teach them yet cause this last week first of all was crazy. It literally flew by... but we visited with them for a sec. The problem is the father works far out in another city.. so for that it’s hard to find them together. The week was good though, it was honestly all a blur. We did a lot of service and just working with the people (investigators) who we have!!:) I gave another talk on Sunday and it was so cool. I can give better talks now and I don’t need a ton of preparation!!:) Also I don’t know if you remember Ignacio, but we taught him this last week and we asked him "Have you prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true?" (in Spanish of course) ;) and he said "no" and so we were like what? why? and Ignacio said "Because I know it’s all true.." OH MY GOODNESS haha it was so crazy and he talked with his boss so now he doesn’t have to work Sundays after yesterday! So Ignacio is doing awesome! haha

As far as my district, there is me and my comp., then there are 4 hermanas (2 companionships) Hermanas Alvarez (from Chile) and Gardner (from Colorado), and Hermanas Hyde (from Vernal!!!) and Arevalo (from Columbia). I’ll try to send a pic this next week.:)

Thank you so much momma for everything and I hope you know that I love you literally a ton!!! like never ending!! haha and no not just because you send stuff but because you always are here and loving and awesome! What is this big conference for in Las Vegas? Did you know that there is a city here in Chile called Las Vegas? haha just a little random fact for ya there.

Woah that sounds like it was an awesome stake conference!! I love that quote and that is so true, families have such a big importance here on the earth because like it says in well the Book of Mormon and the Bible, the family is the place where we learn and for you ;) to teach your children the ways of the Lord.:) so thank you so much for that thought momma and oh thank you for that scripture (Matt. 25:21) I loved it!!

Thank you mom for letting me know how you are and I love you forever and back!!:). Hope this next week is awesome and I can’t wait to hear back next week!!:) haha and hey we talk in 2 weeks!!:) for Christmas!

Love you momma!!
Elder Shawners Spencer

Ps fotos
1- Carlos received the Priesthood today (Sunday)!!
2- Service project we did. We moved all that wood up that hill!!! (You can see the wood platform at the bottom)
3- We helped Pato frame some photos he had!!:)

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