Monday, December 26, 2016

My First Cambio -- and Merry Christmas!!!

For the big news….. Guess what??? I love you!! :). I have cambios!! I bet you’ll never guess where!! I’m going to Chiloé Island to Quellón (which is where the earthquake hit on Christmas day). Yeah it’s crazy!!! I’m excited but scared, it will be sick.. My companion’s name is Elder Muirhead and he is from Canada. Elder Vasquez will stay here and Elder Amaya from Colombia will come and replace me! Elder Thomas my dad is gonna be AP!! (Assistant to President). He is really nervous but I know he will do good! (Side note: Quellón is a Chilean port city and commune in southern Chiloé Island, Los Lagos Region. It is considered an end-station of the Panamerican Highway and the Pacific Coastal Highway. The only way to get there is by sea aka boat. Shawn will be traveling there on Thursday – apparently, it will take 12 hours for him to get there.)

Now to his main email: Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!:) It was so cool to talk to you!!:) I honestly could have talked for hours!! but yeah it’s all good now, we can just continue on here and I’ll keep working hard!!:) Oh and yeah I’ll tell Max thank you again for everything. Yes we had a zone activity today and we played pass and it was so bomb!!:) also yes I’ll try to send a video of the snow, it was sweet!!:) It worked great! (I sent him some insta snow for Christmas since it’s warm there. He loved it.)

Everything this last week was really good! It honestly flew by. It was sad, we didn’t have a chance to teach Ignacio but it’s all good!! We found 2 new families this past week and one of the families speaks English perfectly! so it was really cool to meet them! also Richard (whom we talked about on the call on the hill in LicanRay) he is going to keep meeting with the missionaries!!:) so that is sweet. Also we had our dinner as a branch on Friday so that was cool to see everyone! But yeah it was a crazy week and also I agree the light the world campaign was really awesome!:)

It sounds like your week was really good! and wow I’m glad you enjoyed Christmas!!:) And my day was pretty great as well because I got to talk to you guys!!:) but wow thank you so much for that quote!!:) Thank you for all the love and support momma and I’m glad that I have the chance to be here and serve:) Love you and my challenge for this week is to listen to the talk from this last conference about suffering with joy!!:) love you mom and remember always be happy because why live this life sad. We are only going to be in this life once, let’s make it happy and go to the eternity’s happy with our family!!:)

Love you to the moon and back momma and have a great week!!:) and don’t worry about cambios it will all be ok!!:)
Elder Shawners Spencer

These are my fotos!!:)

Shawn and Max


We had a BBQ for our zone activity! It was sweet!!!

Picture overload here but here are some more that I got from Hermana Hugeth on Christmas Day, plus a few others. It's a tradition in Chile to open presents at midnight. They had to open them at 11:00 though because they had to be home by 11:30.

Our Skype call with Shawn on Christmas day!

Max took this picture and sent it to me.
I love that he's so happy!!

Love this face!!!

Best Christmas present ever!!

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