Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas!!!!!! :)

First of all how are you doing mom??:) Enjoying the snow? Have you had very much snow?? I am doing awesome!!:) Honestly it’s crazy this last week flew by like nothing, even faster than the week before. I am definitely staying busy being a dad here in the mission!;) and to answer your question from last week, yes Elder Vasquez and I are still going crazy and talking to basically everyone in the streets!!:) As for Christmas I still don’t know any details, but I’ll let you know through Pato when I do know more. Yes I have my package and I’ve absolutely loved it!!:) We loved the ties and don’t worry, I haven’t looked at anything else yet, but I just have a couple more days!!;) OH MY GOODNESS yes the caramels were bomb, I still have a few left... haha but I’ve been going to town on those caramels! Also thank you so much for the tree blanket. Tell Jess's mom thank you and Melanie too!! They are the ones who did it right? but I loved the tree and all the ornaments!!:)

As for this last week on MONDAY after p-day we went and passed out the Christmas cards #iluminaelmundo from the church and did lots of contacts! Then later that night someone called us about their card and said they were a less active member and received our card and want to return to church. His name was Victor Campos, he is a boss!!:) Then we also found a guy that gave us a ride to the house, he lives in LicanRay and he lived in Salt Lake for like ten years. He was a sweet dude! Then on WEDNESDAY we went and had a lesson with Carlos and he is doing really well. He has loved this short time with having the priesthood!!:) Then later that night we went and helped the other branch in Villarrica set up for a dinner/dance to help the young kids here go to EFY In January!!:) Then on Thurs and Friday we had inter-cambios with the zone leaders. I stayed here with Elder Woolley and we went and visited a family in the campo!!:) Then on Saturday we helped Pato for basically the whole day... he had to change houses and so we did it all in one day!! It was insane but his new house is so sick!:) No se,... there was a lot that happened this week it was crazy!!:) As for Ignacio we have taught him basically all we can but he needs to come to church..:/ he has been working a ton and was sick this last week but he is doing better and is continuing to gain more knowledge and get ready for baptism. Speaking of baptism I’m going to Panguipulli this week to give 2 BAPTISIM interviews for the zone leaders! so that will be cool to do!!:)

That is so true I love that thought about the Book of Mormon and always praying for reaffirming our answer because that is how the Lord teaches is by repetition!!:) That is so cool!!:) I’ve seen that but I guess I’ve just never really realized that before!!:) Thank you for that thought and it is so true the Lord is always here for us, well that is the reason that we are here on the earth right to live to be more like our Father in Heaven?:)

Wow it sounds like your last week was really good!!:) Priesthood blessings are amazing and I know they are an opportunity to hear and be blessed with exactly what we need.:) I’m glad you are doing well. I really want to encourage you, if you aren’t doing it, to look at the videos of light the world every day and to try and share the light of Christ with the world!!:) This time isn’t about us, or gifts, or snow even though all are awesome;) but it is about our savior Jesus Christ. The light of the world being born!!:) Love you to eternity and back momma!! I can’t wait to talk to you on Sunday!!:) Hope you have an amazing Christmas and I’ll talk to you soon!!:) Love you!

Love, Elder Shawners Spencer

Villarrica District

Shawn and Elder Woolley - intercambios

Pato's New House

Shawn and Pato

Yay, he finally got his Christmas package!

They like their Christmas ties! 

Shawn's homemade Christmas tree!

Climbing a hill in Lican Ray!

This is what happens when you hike in shorts
in the summer and have fair skin...

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