Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year from Quellón!!!

First of all happy new year and wow it seems like you guys had a lot of fun with the New Year’s party!! By the way I loved the videos from the fireworks and the pictures! Also I’m frikken happy that the Broncos won their final game of the season at least! Also for me it has been a really good couple of days here in Quellón! We have a lot of investigators already and we found a really cool lady yesterday (I’ll share the story of that in a sec). So we have a lot to do in this sector. But I feel like if we work really hard this cambio we are gonna help a lot of people!!:) We already had one person with a baptism date for this month when I got here, but I haven’t met him yet. His name is Jaime but sounds like Hyme in English... ;) As for the lady we found yesterday we decided to go on a contacting adventure in a part were my companion has never been. But as it was Sunday and the first day of the year, not many wanted to talk to us... UNTIL we were getting ready to leave the area and go look up old investigators but I felt we should go up this little road to this house. Then we found this house (with an amazing view, but not important for the story...) and the door was open so we started talking to her (Denisse) and she was sooo cool! She is catholic but loved talking to us and loves helping others! She was talking about God and how people need to remember him more and not just like when the earthquake came! She liked our little message we shared about families and we are going back this Wednesday to teach her!!:)

The trip down to Quellón was A LONG TIME!!! haha only like 12 hours or so in bus in total... I left Villarrica at 7:20am and with like 10 min in between buses, got to Quellón at like 8:30pm. But oh man it was a B E A U T I F U L bus drive. Also our bus had to get on a ferry to get to the island of Chiloe so that was sweet. I have some dope pics!:) I’ll send some more pics to dad as well.:)

Oh man I miss Villarrica haha it honestly is crazy. I still feel like I’m just on intercambios and I’m gonna go back soon.. but I’m glad they loved me as much as I did them! but I hope I can help the people here in Quellón for the time that I have here.:) That’s crazy that your week flew by! haha this last week felt really long for me but is starting to pick back up now:) but I’m glad you guys had fun with fireworks and haha yes I love uncle Greg!! haha but I’m glad you all had fun and nobody almost got shot this time (with fireworks)...

Wow that is an awesome talk from Bri!! tell her awesome job!:) and tell her I say hi and stay outta trouble!!:) but one thing I like about that scripture (Ether 12:27) is look close what does it say? It says our "weakness" not "weaknesses” Why do you think that? The answer is in John 15:5. The only real weakness that we have in this life is that we don’t have Jesus as the center of our life.:) Jesus Christ is our perfect example and it is through him that we will receive eternal life.:)

Love you momma and thank you so much for your email and all you have said!!:) I hope you have an awesome week and stay safe!! Continue being awesome this new year and I hope you have good goals set for this year!!:)

Love you to eternity and back momma!!:)
Elder Shawners Spencer

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