Monday, January 9, 2017

First (complete) week in Quellón!:)

Well to start of first Happy Monday!!:) I’m glad that you are liking your conference in Las Vegas even though it's cold! But here in Quellón (kayon is the pronunciation) ;) it is pretty bomb sector! We have a ton of people we are teaching and right now we have 2 people with baptism dates (Ortencia), (Jaime pronounced Haime...haha). They are 2 awesome people and I hope we can continue to help them. It is crazy here. The people are a lot easier to find and teach. In Villarrica it was almost impossible to keep citas; but here we still have citas fall through but we have been teaching a lot!:) This last week we taught Denise about the plan of salvation and she really liked it!:) Also it was really cool to get to know her more. She helps researchers from around the world come here then puts them on a boat with her husband and takes them out to another island to do all sorts of studies! It’s so cool!:) So tell dad that we have a cool fisherman family!!:) We hope to talk more with her husband this week but we will see how that goes. They are actually really cool here. Some like to talk more than others... but if I get them talking about fishing, they talk for a long time!;) it's cool.

The weather is a lot cooler here, and it rained a lot this last week off and on. One day there was an insane rain storm with wind and rain; and needless to say, we were soaked... haha but it was a good day of teaching!!:) For New Year’s we were with Waldo who is our ward mission leader and his wife. They gave us some good meat!!:) but no I was asleep at midnight because they don’t do fireworks...:( but someone did shoot a flare so that was kinda cool...:) haha it woke me up and kinda scared me at first... As for a cool story yesterday we didn’t have any citas set so we decided to go past an old investigator named Roberto. He lives out in the campo in Quellón. He was sooooo sick!!! His son served a mission in the states and now lives in Osorno. But as for him he has received all the lessons and likes the mormons but is just really busy for his work (so it was a miracle we found him). But he needs to be married first and said he is happy where he is at but he said he would like to receive us and talk more. So we are going to continue sharing with him!:)

As far as me and my companion, we are great!!!:) haha. He is from Canada and we are both really weird so it works out great!!!;) haha no but really I love him.:) Woah that sounds pretty sweet about the conference in Las Vegas! I want one of those massage chairs!!:) haha but I’m glad you enjoyed it and I hope that you can make it home safe as well!:)

That’s sad that aunt Karen passed away but I’m glad that she is with uncle Wayne now and that she doesn’t have to be in any more pain or suffering. That is the miracle about this life is that we know where we are going after is a lot better than here!!:)

That talk is bomb!! (The one from Carl B. Cook entitled Serve from October General Conference). That is so true when we actually embrace and do the best in our callings the Lord will not only help us along the way but he will give us more power to continue to do the best we can in our calling!!:) That is what I’ve been focusing on is doing the best I can to love and magnify my calling as a missionary and I know that God is helping me to be better and better every day!:) I have a simple but cool quote from Elder Uchtdorf which says “Forever—is composed of Nows. Faith gave me the hope I needed to live joyfully now!” I love this quote and I know that what we do know can affect how happy we are and how effective we are in our service and life on the earth! Love you mom and I love your goals and yes please keep my posted on how they are going!!:) Stay safe and remember that with the Lord nothing is impossible!!:) Have a great week and can’t wait to hear back!!:)

Love you to forever and back!
Elder Shawners Spencer

(These are a few more pictures from last week. He also sent a cool video from the ferry but it was too big to upload...)

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