Monday, January 16, 2017

Crazy past week and even crazier one coming...

Hey Momma!!! How are you doing?? I am doing very well myself!:) This last week here in Quellón honestly flew by! It was pretty great. We had a little bit more of lessons fall through this last week, but that’s the name of the game sometimes, so we got to do a lot of contacts! Sadly we couldn’t meet with Denise this last week but we are going to pass by her today! Also this last week we were meeting with Hortencia a lot and also Jaime. But we have Hortencia's baptism this next Saturday in Castro!!:) Our church is under construction here so we are renting some other building at the moment. So we are trying to get everything in line for that. Sadly Jaime can’t be baptized the 28th of January because it is hard for him to come to church. His parents are really strongly evangelical, and they don’t want him getting baptized;/ but it’s all good because Jaime is so bomb and has such a strong testimony! so we will keep working and praying for his parent’s hearts to change!

Also we met some really cool new investigators this week but sadly both are leaving soon... one is named Patricio and is 24 years old! He is humble and loves sports and loves learning about religion. So we are going to talk with him a lot this week before he leaves to Valdivia for school, but then we can pass him to the missionaries there!!:) But overall it was a good week and filled with a ton of good stuff. The work is moving very well here! This last week we also had interviews with President Isom!:) It was cool and he told us about a meeting we have on the 25th for all the missionaries in the world!! He said they are changing some things about the schedule for us but I guess we will see!!

This next week is crazy as well because we have inter-cambios with the missionaries in Chaiten (elders in my district). I do it as the district leader to help them and see what we can do or teach better.:) Then the next day we have inter-cambios with the zone leaders! Then the baptism of Hortencia on Saturday! SO this week will be interesting!:) What I have learned from my companion so far is more obedience.:) I mean like I am obedient don’t get me wrong, but he just has such a strong testimony of it and we are continuing to watch it bless us and the work we are doing here!!:) It has been really cool!

We do a ton of walking here because Quellón is on a hill.... It is smaller than Villarrica, but still big,... haha. Also we have a mamita here and she is the branch pres. wife:) She is pretty cool, and I’ve liked the food so far!:) I’ll try and send a pic next week ok!!:)

Yeah this last week was more calm weather then the last. It was cloudy every day, except for one day really but still not really very hot here... I love it!!:) haha but still we got a little rain off and on and still the same today. Also that is crazy about Orem!! haha oh man I want snow!! I hope it continues to snow there but stay safe ok?!

Woah that sounds like a pretty good week! I’m glad that you made it home ok and that you got to rest a little bit!!:) That is so sick that you got to go to top golf and yeah I’m down to go there when I get back!!;) But I’m glad that you had a good week and got a little date night with dad, did he try to golf at all?

Oh man Brad Wilcox is so sick!! I have a talk of him on our phone called “Learning not earning heaven!” He has some really good insights on the gospel and I want to hear that talk!! but I’m glad that you got that book on cd! (The Continuous Atonement). I love that quote that you shared! Thank you for that. It is so true that we don’t have to be perfect in this life, we only have to learn to be more like God and try to apply it when we can!:) Also thank you for the picture of the plaque! that looks so sweet!:)

Oh man... what the heck happened in football this year.... the Falcons and the Steelers made it to the conference finals?? what the heck??.. hahah It’s all good. The Broncos just have more time to rest and improve until I get home!;) Thank you so much momma for all that you do!!:) Love you and stay safe!!:)

Love you to forever and back,
Elder Shawners Spencer

Shawn with President Isom

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