Monday, January 30, 2017

Do you wanna build a snowman???

First off how are you momma? It sounds like you had a pretty great week and all with the snow and cold and you built a snow man!!!:) But as for me and Elder Muirhead here in Quellón, or rather in Castro, Puerto Varas, and Puerto Montt; it was a great week! haha. Literally I was here for p-day this last week then Tuesday I did district meeting then went to Castro for intercambios with Elder Peterson!:) then on Wed. Elder Muirhead and Elder Peñeñuri (other zone leader that changed with me), came up to Castro to watch the capacitation with us.

The Capacitation (worldwide missionary meeting) was awesome on the 25th!! They changed the schedule and just basically gave us a little more freedom to decide when we want to do studies and go out and work. Like before we did all studies in the morning, then lunch, then all afternoon proselyting. Now me and my comp changed it to be more effective and put some studies after lunch and we are gonna proselyte a little more in the mornings... I hope that made sense. They also talked about a ton more stuff, but the biggest one I liked that they taught was teaching the doctrine of Christ and also establishing the church where we are at and continuing to carry the habits we are developing now into our lives as well!!:) I don’t know we talked about so much!

On Thursday we went to Puerto Varas to stay the night with the elders there. It is so beautiful there!! Then in the morning on Friday we went to hear from the apostle!! Elder Stevenson was sooooo cool and amazing to hear from!! He talked about our call as missionaries and how we can do our purpose and be successful! We talked about Acts 10 about Peter and Cornelius and "How do I find my Cornelius?" as a missionary. He said that we need to be with the spirit and if we are listening, we will be in the right place at the right time. And we need to remember that the "right time" is on the Lord’s time so we always need to be ready and prepared for the moments when they come!:) We also talked a lot about Preach my Gospel and how it is inspired by God for missionaries to teach and be the best we can be!:) What and who is your Cornelius - whether it be a person, opportunity or a job? Find it and get it!!:) But yeah it was a crazy week and also I saw my dad Elder Thomas at the conference as well!!:) And in our sector Jaime and Pia came to church!! Pia is an interesting (crazy) lady but is way cool and she loved church and wants help to quit smoking, so it’s been really cool working with her!

Whoa that sounds like your week was pretty bomb! but man that is cold. We are in the middle of summer here just chillin’ in like the 70's. It’s really nice. That is sweet that you could feed the missionaries! Do the people feed them every day or just on Sundays? We eat with different families every Sunday then during the week with our mamita the branch pres. wife!:) But I’m glad they loved the maniladas and please mother??? I know what those are!!! Don’t challenge me on food!!;) haha but that is sweet and I’m glad you guys treated them good!!

Oh wow I received Slate’s weekly and he made it sound like it wasn’t a very big deal at all.... but dang it Slate. I’m not even with him and he’s out there getting all sorts of hurt! but no I will definitely keep him in my prayers. I know he’s strong and will stay strong. Also that is bomb about Mare! haha I totally forgot that I had said that last part! but it’s so true I love the scripture that she shared and I think she is gonna do work out there!:) We need to trust the Lord then He will trust us!:) but that is awesome. Tell Crowther hi for me. Who was his daughter that played?? because I knew basically all of them. It sounds like a great Sunday!

That is basically it for me this week and oh man this month just like flew by, like chao no mas enero y beinvenidos febrero (chao no more January and welcome February)!! and cambios next week!! but love you momma and I hope that everything is well there!! Love you to forever and back!!;) stay safe!

Love you momma!!
Elder Shawners Spencer

Chile Osorno missionaries at the worldwide missionary training
(Shawn's on the left, 4th row back)

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