Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wonderful Messages from Some People in Villarrica

After Shawn left Villarrica for Quellón, several people who knew him there posted some wonderful messages and pictures on Facebook so I wanted to capture them here as well. How grateful I am to all of them for taking care of my son!!

‎From: Maximiliano Andrés Novoa García
¿Conocidos? Miles. ¿Amigos? Muchos menos. ¿Hermanos? Son únicos.
Cómo te voy a extrañar, hermano mío.
Known people? Thousands. Friends? A few. Brothers? They are the only ones.
How I'm gonna miss you, my brother.

‎From: Patricio Huaiquimilla Castro
Mi gran amigo! Aun no se va y ya se le extraña.
Translation: My great friend! Still won't go away and now he is missed. 

‎From: Marcela Vega 
Lo queremos. mucho..tiene un bello hijo. ..lo extrañaremos..
Translation: We love you. So much.. have a beautiful son. .. He will be missed..

From: Mariela Beatriz Morales Inostroza
Bye bye, I love you

From: Mariela Beatriz Morales Inostroza
Ultima cena, lo extrañaremos
Translation: Last supper, he will be missed

Extrañaremos a Elder Spencer
Translation: We'll miss Elder Spencer 

No picture with this one but I thought it was pretty funny. She responded to Max's post with this:
From: Camila Aguilera Bueno tienes razón, también debo admitir que extrañare....
lo bien que cocinaba esos exquisitos pan de plátano 
Well you're right, I must also admit that I miss....
How well he cooked those exquisite banana bread 

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