Tuesday, October 11, 2016

6 Months in Villarrica!!!!!

Sorry it was ferrial here yesterday so everything was closed..:/ but it's ok because I can write today! Well I’m glad that you liked the pictures!!:) This last week was really good. We had cambios (transfers); and as I think you have heard, I’m going to be staying here in Villarrica for another cambio!!:) Also I am going be with Elder Medina for his last cambio before he goes home. So this is going to be a great cambio I believe!!:) As for Isaias we didn’t get a chance to teach him this last week ‘cause he was with family in Valdivia. But we taught Benjamin, who is a 12-year-old of a really cool part-member family we have here in Villarrica. We hope to get him to church this week. Also this last week we went to Lider (Walmart of Chile) and bought milk and cereal, and I left my Agenda (aka planner) (with 40 mil inside) on the counter at Lider. I realized this at the house.... and so we hurried and took a bus back down to Lider. Just then Pato called us and said Lider called and reported they found my agenda with all the money.... So I had the Lord on my side that day!!! Also it was funny they called Pato because I have his number written in the front of my agenda as "Santo Papito" which in Spanish is Holy Father!!! Haha. So that was something scary but funny from this week.:)

I’m happy to be staying here because I love the people here and the sector is huge so we have a lot of work to do.:) Plus it is very beautiful here especially in Villarrica and Pucón. We had interviews with Pres. Isom like 2 weeks ago and he seems really cool and I look forward to talking and getting to know him better.:) We have been working with Carlos a lot after his baptism. He is still doing really good even though things aren’t going the best for him right now. But he is still happy and having a good attitude. It’s is so true the devil will always try to drag us or our new members down so that is why we are here.:)

Tell Doug thank you and God bless as well.:) When did you talk with him? Wow that is sweet about Jake Oldroyd and Madi!! It will be sweet to have them here!!:) (Jake is BYUs kicker and Madi is the sister of one of Chad’s friends. Both were called to the Chile Osorno mission recently). Umm the only advice I have is bring good waterproof clothes, shoes and backpack. That’s all for now.. haha:)

That is sweet about your new calling. I know that you will do great and I hope that you love it!!:) That is so awesome about your thought and Christ.:) He suffered for each and every one of us individually, so that is so cool that he would take the time to go to each and every one of his children.:) I love that thought, thank you mama.

Thank you mama for the email! Also no package yet but we are doing divisions tomorrow with the Zone leaders so I think I’ll get my package then!!:) But thank you so much for everything. Have a great week and do work!!:) And oh my quote for this week is "We are all the architects of our own happiness." Love you and have a great week.:)

Elder Shawners

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