Monday, September 19, 2016

Feliz cumpleaños a tì!!!!!

Well hello there birthday mamma!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!! Man things are really good here in Chile.:) We are good, awesome in fact. We are working hard and seeing miracles. We had an awesome week this week and yes Carlos still is moving along great and Camila went out of town almost all last week because of Ferrial. (18 de Septiembre) I believe it is the Day of Independence for Chile, but they party all weekend until today. We had an activity at the church on Friday to celebrate Ferrial. We all ate churripan and the members danced the la cueca. La cueca is the national dance of Chile and it was so cool to watch! But also we got a new investigator and met a lot of menos activos (less actives) at the activity so it was a success!!:)

As for Isaias he is in Valdivia for one more week for his chemo therapy then he will be here, and Diego is actually a menos activo but he is doing great and we are helping to reactivate him. We are going to play ping pong in the church tomorrow with him and the ward!! As for President Isom, they are here, well in Osorno, but they are in the mission at least. We haven’t met them yet but I think we will soon.:) And lastly as for missionaries in the mission I think somewhere around 180? but honestly I have no idea. There are hermanas in the other half of Villarrica and this next cambio (transfer) we are going to receive one pair of hermanas or elders here and our sector will be cut in half, which is ok cause its huge!! Also, I am going to baptize the investigator of the hermanas of Pucon!!!:) so I am really looking forward to that!!

Yes I believe that we are going to watch conference in the church but once again I’m not completely sure.:) haha but yes we are going to watch it. I hope I can in English but I think it’s only going to be in Spanish, but it’s all good I can understand mostly.:) Thank you for the points of advice and I am going to do that!!:) Honestly it is so crazy September has passed so fast so far. It’s unreal!!

For my spiritual thought this week I want to talk about a talk that was given on Sunday on prayer. Prayer is so important and is one of the first things we teach in our lessons. God is our loving Heavenly Father and because he loves us, we have prayers to communicate and talk with him. I think it’s funny that we have a commandment to pray often. Because we receive so many blessings and also comfort and knowledge also when we pray to our Heavenly Father. So my challenge for you this week is to pray not only in the morning and night but say little prayers during the day to thank him and also to ask for guidance. I know if we listen, God will answer our prayers.:)

Wow that is awesome about the party for Mel. I bet it was awesome and I bet she loved the tickets!!! Oh man I love salsa and I wish I would have been there to help but I’m glad you girls got it all done!!:) And no I don’t mind the extra salsa;) haha. That is so cool that you guys got to go up the canyon and thank you so much, I loved the fotos!!:)

Thank you mom for everything and I love you more!!:) Hope you have an awesome birthday. I’ll try and send you pics later because this computer can’t..:/ but thank you so much for the scripture and I have actually been focusing on this. I can testify that the Lord will help you and bless you if you open your mouth for the Lord’s cause.:) Love you and talk to you next week!!:)

Love you momma!!

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