Monday, September 12, 2016

What? It's been a week already???

Yeah it was really sad to hear about President Obeso and his wife and Hermana Stone!! But I know that it is better for them and I hope they both can get better quickly! That is so cool that you all fasted for President and you for Hermana Stone! I know the Lord will help them both and hopefully Hna Stone will be back out in no time!

Dang honestly this last week was so fast I can’t even remember all that happened... But we had 3 lessons with Carlos!!!!! AND HE CAME TO CHURCH!!! It was so cool cause we called him and went to his house Sunday and he didn’t answer... then right when church started he walked in!!! Also we had a lesson with Camila. She is progressing just a little slow; but it’s all good, she is doing so awesome!! Also we had a lesson with Isaias who is 84. He was an old investigator and now we have him with fecha (date) for baptism as well!! And we had a menos activo (less active) named Diego Soto (Age 15) show up to church too. It was sweet cause we found him last week and he hasn’t been to church in like 7 years just because his family moved around a lot!! Also as far as the Spanish, I’m not worried:). This was week was full of miracles for me including the gift of tongues because I trusted in the Lord as best I could!! The Spirit was strong with this past week!!;) I can’t really think of one specific example but in our lessons I’m not scared at all cause what I need to say just pops into my head; and also the same with scriptures and thoughts I need to share. Then I see how they help Carlos for instance. His whole attitude has seemed to change, it’s awesome.

Oh man the weather is like Utah here in spring… hot one day, freezing the next, then rain for a few days then repeat...:) haha but its good and yes the umbrella works great and I’m loving it so thank you!!:) Dang that’s too bad about BYU, but at least it was a good game!!:) AND HECK YEAH GOOOO BRONCOS!!!!! I am so pumped!!! haha it’s because I’m on the mission!!;) haha naw but that is so sweet!! And thank you so much for the pictures I loved them!!:)

Wow that’s crazy about the new ward but I am glad that you are liking it so far!!:) A good attitude is key to everything!!! And thank you for the scripture "I will return and report";) (I told him to go read D&C 15, verse 6 especially!) But for my thought this week it is in John 16. It is about the mission of the Holy Ghost. Jesus is talking to his disciples and telling them he is going to die but he still needs to tell them things so he wants them to listen to the spirit. There is so many things that the spirit does and this chapter covers it all pretty well I think.:) So if you have time read it!!:)

Love you momma and thank you for everything you do!! Hope you have a great week and continue your hard work in all you do!!:)

Love, Shawners

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