Monday, August 15, 2016

Learning the Language of the Spirit

This last week was really good!! We didn’t have a whole lot of lessons with our investigators but it was a very good week with the less active and the conference we had in Osorno. So we had to reschedule a couple of citas (meetings) to this week. But the conference in Osorno was really good and I learned a lot about using the spirit. Elder Packer’s son talked to us and in one part of his talk he said I know a lot of you are learning a new language but one language that is more important is the “language of the spirit”. So I thought that was pretty cool and that learning the language of the spirit is one of the most important things we can do to be an effective missionary. Then on the bus back from our conference (it was like a 4-hour drive), I listened to some lectures I found about the Prophet Joseph Smith. In one part they talked about how Joseph Smith was an amazing man and worked many great miracles but because he is not God or His son, he is not perfect. He needed the power of God when he translated the BOM or when he received revelation for the church or D&C. But one thing they said in the lecture is that God only gave this power to Joseph when he had humility and was doing and living as righteously as he could. But if he wasn’t humble, the Lord wouldn’t give him the power. So I thought that was really cool as well.

I am loving my mission. I want to have more success in lessons but I know it will come with time and also when I can speak more in Spanish haha. I am loving it and the Spanish is still coming haha. And you are making good assumptions, I just want to help as many people as I can!!:) but I know it’s not always gonna be easy.

As far as Brandon and Camila this past week was hard and because of a bunch of stuff we are going to be meeting with them this week instead of last week, but hey that’s why we have to trust in the Lord and his timing right :). Hno Antonio's Wife Sonia is good. She came to church again this Sunday and we are going to see them this week as well so that will be cool :). We just have to get Pres. Diaz (Pres. of the branch) to drive us out there for the cita. Not really any news this last week but we have a lot of citas (meetings) for this week set up with new people so I’ll keep you posted on that :). I’m glad you liked my thought and it’s so true that’s something we focus on in our lessons is that God knows all of us personally and he knows our desires and also that we are not perfect so that is why we have repentance :). And yes he does bless us a ton for our efforts!!

Oh man we partied for dayyyyys for Elder Thomas' birthday!! haha not really dayyys that’s just an expression haha, but yes we had a really good day and had lots of cake with Pato and then with the Familia Mora (fotos included). We also made cinnamon rolls and brownies that Elder Thomas' mom sent him. Also we did sushi for Elder Thomas' birthday with Pato so that was sick!!!! haha that is the pic of both of us at Pato’s house. So in all it was a great day and a great week as far as spiritual and physical (treats) haha. That’s too sad about the fair but I’m glad you guys suffered with me;) haha jk jk but I heard Morgan drove in the derby!! That’s crazy!! But I’m glad you still got to enjoy the fair and have a great time in Duchesne.

Woah that is a really good thought. (I shared something from a talk I heard where the speaker said when we go to Golden Corral we feast upon the food and enjoy it until we are full. But then he asked do we feast upon the scriptures like we would feast at Golden Corral, until we are spiritually full??) I love that haha. Because I love Golden Corral and the food there. But that is a great point. Do I love being as spiritually full as physically full? That is what I am going to work on this week :). I haven’t finished reading the Book of Mormon yet but I study out of it every day and its really cool. I have a study book I found in the apartment that helps me to study deeper into the scriptures when I study them so that is really cool, thank you for that :). I read the scriptures every day in Spanish out loud because it helps me to pronounce the words more like a Chilean...;) haha

This last week was great and I have great hopes for this next week. Sorry I didn’t have a ton of time today to tell more about the conference, but I hope you have a great week and remember Alma 7:11-13; even pains we think are silly and don’t matter, Christ has suffered them and is there to comfort us. Love you momma!!:)

Love, Elder Spencer (Shawners)

Fun thought for the week: all of the members here when they greet me or meet me for the first time ask if I’m related to Spencer W. Kimball... haha

Making sushi for Elder Thomas' birthday

Cinnamon rolls they made for Elder Thomas' birthday

And finally, Elder Thomas enjoying some birthday cake!

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  1. Awe! I love these pictures!! Thank you for sharing them!