Monday, August 8, 2016

Ser Obediente (Translation: Be Obedient)

I am doing really good!! Well we got the door fixed in the upstairs, and no we did not get the glass fixed yet but I might not have to buy it. We have a bunch of extra gas tanks at our house so the Comisario (a missionary in charge of all the houses and apartments of the missionaries) here said to sell them and use the money to replace the glass. We have a place here where we can go and they will replace the glass with the special glass. But at Sodimac I bought a little tool kit, it was super cheap so I got it...;) haha but yes I used my card to buy it. Yes thank you so much for the package!!! I loved everything inside and I still have some of the stuff left haha.:) but I love the chili cheese dip and so did Elder Thomas.

As for being a consecrated missionary there is a lot to explain but basically it is being completely dedicated to the Lord, and in this talk they talked about several was we can arrive to be this kind of missionary. The thing Elder Thomas and I have been focusing on these past 2 weeks is being Exactly Obedient. This is when everything amazing started happening. So the family Torres that we went and did service for earlier this week, they are members but they came to church this week with their grand kids and Brandon who is 16. After church he came and asked us how he could get baptized??!?! So we are going to play basketball with him today and then we are going to teach him after and help him in his conversion!!:) Also with Hermano Antonio and his wife (who aren’t married), we got to go out and teach them this last week and it was really good to talk to her. She said she knows she wants to be baptized but she wants the right church. So we taught her a lot about the Holy Ghost and we will see what she says :).

This week was crazy and we had 6 investigators in church which is the most we have had for a while! Also we did divisions with the members yesterday; and Camila (the girl who we taught a while ago), Elder Thomas went and taught her and she said she wants to be baptized now and she feels more ready than before. Also I and the member I was with gave some blessings and got in a lesson with one of our investigators. There were so many miracles that happened this week and I know it is because Elder Thomas and I have focused on being exactly obedient. Because remember "Obedience brings blessings, but Exact Obedience brings Miracles!!!!!":)

But that sounds like a really fun week and I hope Chad’s birthday was awesome!!! That also sounds like the family reunion was really fun!! I’m glad that you are all ok though!! It rains a lot here but we never have lightning so that is good :). The reason why you didn’t buy much is because I wasn’t there to help you;) haha. but I’m glad you all had fun and that video of the slip and slide kick ball was so funny!! haha

Thank you so much for that thought mom!! (which was basically that when Satan keeps trying to get you to look in your past, it must mean that there's something so great for you in your future!) It is so true Satan knows what we are capable of becoming and so he will do all in his power to make us miserable like him. That was just the reminder I needed, thank you mom :). Also my thought this week is on being obedient like I talked about above. It honestly is really hard to be exactly 100% obedient and we never truly are perfect at it, but God knows the desires of our hearts and he will bless us for trying our hardest. Also another thing I wanted to share is Alma 31 but specifically the last 2 verses in Alma 31. I know and testify that when we put the Lord’s will before ours, everything we need will be provided. That is my testimony for you this week.

Love you mom. Hope you have an awesome week!!:)

Elder Spencer (Shawners)

Elder Thomas' first time using a chain saw

With the Huskavarna chainsaw after they were done helping the Torres family

Shawn, getting rid of the broken door so they could burn it.

They ate with a member who gave Elder Thomas a birthday cake (his b-day is Aug 12)

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