Monday, August 22, 2016

No News on Cambios Yet... :/

Yeah it is really crazy for me too!! Time is flying by because it seems like we just barely started this Cambio (transfer) but these last 6 weeks have flown by!!! Yeah it is really so true the spirit is so important and the conference was really good. But as for me I am doing really well. I am loving being out here. Of course yes it’s tough at times, but I love it still because I just look at my progress and how much I’ve gotten better already. This last week we had "Inter Cambios" with the zone leaders in Panguipulli. So what happened was I stayed here in Villarrica with ZL Elder Juares. And Elder Thomas went to Panguipulli with Elder Weyand. It was really cool but scary because I had to lead the area by myself!!!! But it actually went really well. We had a cita (meeting) set up with Camila but she canceled last second and I called like 4 members but no one could go with us to lessons. But Elder Juares and I just went and decided to knock doors and we knocked on one door and we found a really cool dude. He is 17 and his name is Axel. We talked with him a lot and he really liked what we taught him. We are going back to him tomorrow :). Camila is still good it’s just hard to reach her because she works a lot. But the rest of the day with Elder Juares we knocked doors in the pouring rain and I loved it!!!:) haha As for Elder Thomas' birthday I’m glad we were together for his birthday and yes I have done a TON of work outs since, haha I am trying to get thin....  haha.

Also no news on cambios yet but we still have today and tomorrow... If you train, or move up to district or zone leader, you get a call Sunday night or Monday morning. But if you get a usual transfer where you stay at the same position, you find out Tuesday then cambios are Wednesday. So I guess that we will see haha.

The thing that has surprised me the most.. hmmm.. well I think that would have to be how much I took a lot of little things for granted. I know that sounds weird but it’s crazy, because simple things like technology, having a strict budget, no brown sugar, cooking with proper bowls and a blender, having temples right next to me, LDS Library. There are so many things that I just never realized how nice they were till they were gone. It makes me appreciate them a lot more haha.

That is sweet you got to go to a drive in movie!!! I love going to those and that’s sweet you finally saw Finding Dory. And Pete’s Dragon? Yes we definitely need to do that run when I get home!! (the Foam Glow 5K). That would be sweet. I bet it was sick!! And how was the birthday party? Also tell Megan I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

That is crazy about the ward boundaries. It will be crazy to see the new boundaries after they are done! That is a really cool thought about the atonement of Christ and how it is there to help everyone. Christ really did atone for each and every one of us and I know that if we use his atonement, we can be forgiven of our imperfections and be back on the path to eternal life with our Father in Heaven. But also one thing we need is to do is ENDURE TO THE END, because this life is not easy and a lot of people think that being a member gets too hard and get offended by others. Salvation is not a cheap experience so the path isn’t going to be easy all the time either. I have talked about this before but I just wanted to testify and remind you that we need to stay as close to the Lord as possible and don’t let Satan get us to come down from our mount even a little.

Love you mom and thank you for everything. I hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Spencer (Shawners)

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  1. Love reading Elder Speencers Emails! So happy he is doing great! It is amazing the growth you see weekly!