Monday, February 13, 2017

Every Day Is Gonna Be a Great Day!!

Well the week was pretty crazy... we didn’t get a whole lot of visits in with our investigators because of cambios. Chaitén came here from their sector then Elder Camargo (from Chaitén) went with Elder Muirhead and they left to Osorno and then I stayed with Elder Braddock and our comps didn’t get here to Quellón until Thursday! But we found this really cool dude when we were buying at the ferias. He loves Christ’s teachings and wants to learn more about what we share about him so I hope we can find him this next week!:) Also we found a menos activo part member family buying ice cream later that day as well!! haha it’s crazy. It’s so true that we can find people in every moment if we are in tune and trying to find in every moment.:) Then on Friday we had a "Quellón tiene talento" like Quellón has talent for the ward. It was actually pretty bomb and I’ll try to send some videos later. We were the "judges," it was fun!! It turned out to be an awesome activity. Jaime sang in the competition and he has such an amazing voice! We were a little worried cause like nobody signed up then everyone came and was like I wanna do something!! and it was super fun!:) Then on Saturday the elders of Chaitén got to leave to their sector, because that’s when the next boat left...

My new comps name is Elder Gonzalez. He is from San Antonio. It’s a city right next to Santiago! He has the same time in the mission as me and I think that we are going to die together so that is really sweet!!:) haha but no worries I’ll send a foto of us together next week!:)​​​​ but as for the rest of our investigators they are doing well but we are just waiting for Jaime’s parents to sign so he can be baptized.:) but it’s all on the Lord’s time right?;) also I’m sorry I left my paper at home but I’ll send a foto of it later about Cornelius ok?:)

WOAH I loved that quote that you sent from D&C (11:12-13) that is a great scripture! It is so true. I have seen so many times in the mission that when I put my trust in the spirit, I work so many more miracles and find people who are looking for the Lord in their life!:) Thank you so much momma and I hope that all is well there. My thought this week is from Pres. Hinckley: keep the attitude that every day was, and is, going to be a great day. Our attitude is everything!!:) lç

Also I have some motivational videos I listen to and one says "Everyone is created equal, so work harder in the off season." This is so true because it is through all the little things that the extraordinary things come to pass. And I know that as I do my part, the Lord adds his power if I’m doing his work and will.:) This has helped me so much in my mission so far. If I hadn’t had the Lord’s help, I still don’t think I’d even be speaking Spanish! haha but I know he helps me so that I can effectively help my district and my investigators. I am an instrument in the Lord’s hands.:)

Love you so much momma. I hope everything is well there!:) I love you to forever and back!! keep safe and remember this is gonna be a great day!!:)

Love you!!!:)
Elder Shawners Spencer

At the talent show :)

Only stars are allowed here...

Fixing a door knob that exploded

Took him an hour to put it back together

A church in Castro

Shawn with Elder Muirhead

His new companion Elder Gonzalez

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