Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What a Week!!!

Hey momma how are you doing??:) This last week really was crazy, it passed so fast!! On Tuesday, we had the chance to meet with Jaime and he is doing really good!! but his parents apparently aren’t doing so well and are thinking about separating....:/ so we gave him some advice and told him to trust in the Lord. I really feel like it helped him a lot! but we will have to see what the Lord has in the future for him and his parents. I know it will all work out!:) We also had inspections on Tuesday and the Farnsworth’s came down. I think you know them right??! but she was so happy to see our house clean. She said ours was one of the best in the mission!;) haha I know surprise right?? Wednesday, we had interviews with President and so that was nice to talk to him and talk about the district and stuff to help the sector!:) Then Chaitén got here that night. Thurs, we went to conference with President and I, along with a few others, was asked to speak in the conference. It was so scary at first but after I started, I felt the spirit and just began to share what I had planned!!:) Then President Isom talked a lot about the chain for an investigator:
               Contact->New inv.->Bap date->Baptisim->Bap in temple->Temple End.

He said it doesn’t matter what part of that chain we are, whether we are baptizing, finding or helping new converts go to the temple. We just need to be helping to "move" the work in our areas and not just "tend" to the work. I really loved his message because a lot of missionaries get caught up in baptizing. And I hate missionaries that just "baptize" because they come into a sector, baptize the person then in 2 months they stop going to church because they never really had a chance for real conversion. That happens a lot in Chile so I love that President is helping to change that!!:) It was a pretty sweet conference!!:)

Chaitén!! Oh man Chaitén was so cool! We had a 4 hour boat ride there, then on Monday we had p-day and went to an abandoned jail and a light house! We were gonna go climb the volcano but Elder Braddock messed up on the timing so we missed the bus to go. But it’s all good. We will go again if I’m here next cambio!:) Then after p-day we went and visited a sweet family of investigators and they were so sweet. We shared with them a little and it was so cool. One woman (Veleska) said "I love the feeling I have in my house when you guys come!" It was so cool. So I hope they can continue to help her understand what she feels!!:) It was so cool!!:)

That’s crazy about the Farnsworth’s, I know! She told me she’s Ben’s aunt and they end their mission in March I think!! Oh man I miss being able to go to the temple whenever I wanted!! That is sweet that you got to go and thank you so much for the fotos!!:)

That sounds like a great Sunday!! I love that quote. It is so true, we are our own free agents and we need to fill our "cupboards" of things that are going to help us get back to our Father in Heaven! I love that thought!!:) My thought for this week is in the part I shared in our conference: "Helping the investigators have the DESIRE to act on the commitments we give is like ice cream." "We have to listen to the spirit and give them the ice cream they want and need with the right toppings." Think about it. If you give someone pistachio ice cream with mayo for the topping it doesn’t work. We need to listen to the spirit to know exactly what we need to do to help the person progress.:) haha I hope that makes sense!!:)

Haven’t received my package yet but I hope maybe this week??:) no se.. (I don’t know). I love you mom and hope you have a great week this week!!:) I love you so much (to eternity and beyond!!) stay safe!:)

Elder Shawners Spencer

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