Monday, March 6, 2017

Walking an Hour to Get Lunch This Week

Oh man that sounds pretty crazy about the storm. You have to send me some pics! I’m doing pretty good. Yeah this last week honestly flew by but it was a great week!:) Also yes I hope that we get the opportunity to go back to Chaitén to hike the volcano! Hey is that a fat joke about the ice cream???;) haha jk jk but it worked out pretty well. President laughed and said it was a great example.:)

This last week was a crazy one. As you already know we got back from Chaitén Tuesday, then for this week our mamita (branch President’s wife) and their fam went on vacations so he set up another place like a cafeteria for us to go and pick up our food for the week. It was on the other side of town haha so it was an hour walk every day to pick up lunch.:) Jaime is doing really well. We taught him more this week, then on Sunday he bore his testimony! It was so powerful and oh man I just loved hearing him bear his testimony – and he’s not even a member yet!! Also we've been trying to contact Joaquin, a joven of 18 years, and when we went to his house, we knocked and he wasn’t there. When we stopped at his house there were 2 guys behind us and they stopped on the other side of the road when we went to his house to knock. So when we left because Joaquin wasn’t there, they turned and started to follow us and for a sec I was like ready to fight... haha. Then I had the feeling that they wanted to talk to us so we turned and asked if we could help them. They were super chill and wanted to know about our religion! So I told them our beliefs and bore my testimony and gave them a Book of Mormon. It was so cool. I could feel the spirit so strong and could tell they were 2 men just looking for an answer like Joseph Smith.:) haha so it was a crazy week indeed. Also crazy story we had FHE with a member fam and my comp ate a marisco (oyster) raw!!! haha I took a video!!:)

Man that’s kinda sad about your former roommate from college but it’s ok because she can always come back.:) That’s the thing I love about our church and our beliefs is God still loves her and is waiting and preparing her to return when she is ready.:) Oh, also it was a little chilly on the boat but I loved it!

Woah that sounds like a great week!:) I’m so glad that you got to go to the temple! and that’s good you heard about my package but I still haven’t gotten it. (It’s a good thing I sent his birthday package early. He still doesn’t have it almost 4 weeks later…) but we have intercambios this week so I should receive it then.:) No worries I’ll let you know!

That is sweet that you get to teach about that (Daughters of God)!! That is a sweet topic!!:) I love to talk about the divine potential that everyone of us possesses and more so como a daughter of God!!:) That is so awesome that you learned about that and its true Emma was so amazing in loving and supporting Joseph. I bet it was a great lesson!!:) Thank you momma for everything!! I hope this week is great and that you stay safe!!:) Love you to eternity and beyond!!:)

Elder Shawners Spencer​