Monday, March 27, 2017

The first time I missed church in the mission and...

Well before I talk about church I’m gonna leave you hanging a little bit and talk about the rest of the week.;) March has seriously passed by so fast, it’s insane! This last week was really good and also as you know we didn’t have cambios so we didn’t have to worry about traveling this past week for that! So we met with Jaime this past week and we talked about the importance of seminary and he really liked the idea and decided that he wants to go!! So he’s going to start going to seminary this week! (and he’s not even a member yet!!) Also Fabian is going really good. We went over the restoration with him as well but he ended up having to work on Sunday so he couldn’t come..:/ but he still wants to come so we are working with him!:) Then on Thursday Chile played Argentina in soccer and we had a lesson with a part member family, then they invited us to watch the game after with them!:) But Chile lost.. so sad day. But it was funny to watch my comp freak out. I was thinking in my head that this is me for football in the US!!;) haha

Then back to the subject line.. on Saturday I had a little stomach ache and didn’t think anything of it. Then Sunday morning really early I had "Double Dragon" all morning (throwing up and diarrhea), so I couldn’t go to church in the morning. I called Hermana Isom (because she’s the mission nurse) and she told us to stay in the house. I was sad because they were at our church!! The first time I don’t go to church in the mission and the mission pres. (Pres Isom) comes to Quellón! (First time in like 5 years a mission Pres came to Quellón). I know I have some luck right? haha but they came to our house after to say hi and check on us. Today my stomach still hurts a little but I’m doing a lot better!:)

So we have a new branch president but yes we have the same mamita. Her husband is just Brother Ojeda now though.. it’s kinda weird... haha but our new branch pres. is Claudio Bornand! He’s so dope!:) He served his mission in Argentina. He'll be great I think!:) We have like 50ish who usually come to church:)

For this week we have zone meeting tomorrow and then meetings with all our investigators and trying to find them and new ones too.:) That is so awesome about the Holy Cow and Bridger! I didn’t even think that he would remember me, but he still does what a champ!!:) Tell them I say hi!!:)

Wow that sounds like a pretty uplifting spiritual week!;)  That lady is so amazing. It’s so cool that through all of her challenges and difficulties that she still could walk and do things normal and have a good normal life and get all those degrees!! and I can give a second witness to that: “Happiness is the key to having success in our lives.” If we aren’t happy, why are doing what we are doing? We are here to be happy and learn how to become better people.:) Also thank you for the scripture and I’m gonna go look that up!! (D&C 123: 12-14)

For conference this weekend I think that we are gonna go watch it in the church. But a little bit of a sad note is that I have to watch it in Spanish.. I can understand but it’s not the same because you can’t hear the voice of the apostle.. but it’s all good, I’ll still love it!!:)

Love you momma! I hope that you have an amazing week and hear some good news!!;) love you to eternity and beyond!!:)

Elder Shawners Spencer

I believe this is what's left of his cake hahaha :)

Hamburgers for birthday dinner!

Translation: machines working....

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