Monday, March 13, 2017

Backed up...;)

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes!!:) It is ok that it is a few days early!!:) The work is going really well right now. We are in the zone now where I feel like everything is starting to go the way I want it!:) which makes me a little scared to leave this next week for cambios but we will see.:) Also yes I have my package now and I love it!!!:) THANK YOU so much mom and Mel!!! I haven’t opened the packages for my birthday yet... but the one with I think sweats was opened a little but my comp Elder Gonzalez took and hid them and said I can’t touch them until Saturday!!;) haha so no worries.:)

Well you’re probably wondering what’s going on with my subject line...;) haha well I’ll try to make a long story short. I pulled a muscle in my back last Monday and it was hurting pretty good. So we just went to our visits we had, then on Thurday we had intercambios. I went to Castro, with a painful ride for my back on the bus (I’ll talk about that in a sec). That night it was feeling a ton better... then on Friday I felt little to no pain.:) On the way back from Castro in the bus my little suitcase fell over and I tried to catch it. I don’t know what I did but I wrecked my back.. haha. I like almost couldn’t walk for Friday or Saturday... I felt like an old man!!! but no worries mom.:) I talked to the infermera (nurse) and have my doterra oils and they have been helping a lot to make the pain bearable.:) Right now as long as I don’t really move my back, I don’t feel the pain. It feels a lot better but still hurts so I guess I’ll just have to be very patient this week so I don’t hurt it again...;) And yeah we have tonight, Tuesday and Wednesday full of citas already so I feel like this week is gonna fly by as well! But mom don’t worry I’m OK!!:)

Oh but the intercambios where so sick!!:)  I went to Castro with Elder Ballard and we found this man named Jose Luis knocking doors, and he was just like "come in" which is not a phrase you hear all that often in Chile with knocking doors;). But we found out he is less active and he just lost the church when he moved from Punta Arenas! So he said he wants to come back to church!!:) also we visited another less active from a member referral and she was surprised but said as well she wants to come back but just needs some help.:) It was so cool!!:) Then to end the night we had a FHE with a member family who has 2 non-members living there. It was so spiritual and the 2 non-members are so cool. They are gonna be baptized! We also played a game with matches and the loser gets marker drawn on his face, Elder Ballard and I lost...;) haha (in the fotos)

It was a successful intercambio minus the back.. and my comp here in Quellón found a lot of people that we haven’t found in weeks so this day made up for like the whole week!!:)

That’s sooooo funny about grandpa!!!!!😂😂😂 haha that honestly doesn’t surprise me at all. He is so funny. Please tell me you were recording the interview or something??:) haha I love grandpa and it’s so true he can make anyone’s day better just by talking to them!!:)

Haha that’s really cool about the "Daughters of God" because we had the same lesson in priesthood as well. It was actually a really great lesson. Memo (the teacher) showed a video from Joseph Smith and then he gave his neighbor the advice to help out around the house. It was a little funny but it was a really good lesson!:) I love that quote that you shared with me!!:) If we have angels with us, we can do anything and work any miracle. In all it was a great lesson about the divinity of women and our role to help them to recognize and continue as a daughter of God.:)

Love you so much momma!! Like to infinity and beyond!!:) hope all is well and that you have an excellent week!!:) Thank you so much for the birthday wishes again!!:) I loved that video!!:) Love you momma!💪💙🙃

Elder Shawners

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