Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Busy week of meetings and an emergency trip to the hospital...

I am doing awesome! but my companion not so much... haha but I’ll get to that in a minute. But yes in this area I’m in now we have a "papito" but he just cooks lunch for us and a member here does our laundry... haha so that is pretty sweet. But this last week was kind of crazy. We usually go out proselyting and just knock doors for like an hour every day but this last week we traveled to Panguipulli almost every day. My companion is the district leader so we had to go to a lot of meetings, but we still managed to get in some meetings. It is a little rough with the people here because usually like a month or two after they are baptized, they stop going. But I think as long as we teach them right and with the spirit hopefully they will want to continue to follow Christ. :) But on Friday this week my companion was having really bad pains in his side so long story short we went to the emergency room here Friday night then they sent us to the clinic in Valdivia Saturday morning. So after a full day of sitting in a hospital and going back again on Sunday, they ran every test they could and they found out he has an infection in his intestines. So they gave him some meds and he is doing better now so no need to worry.:) Oh and we stayed with the zone leaders in Valdivia and now we are back here.:)

Also thank you so much for the thought it is so true we need to look for the little things in life. My thought this week is actually on something very similar. My thought is on happiness and remembering. I can’t remember how many times but the phrase "remember" is the most repeated word in the Book of Mormon. Why do you think that is? Well in a talk from Oct. 1986 called "Joy Cometh in the Morning" by Russel M. Neilson he talks about the things we need to be happy. :) I love this talk because it talks about being happy and that is so important for us to be happy because that is what comes from the gospel of Christ. I know that if we can talk of Christ, rejoice in Christ and preach of Christ we can be happy no matter what. :) Love you guys and it sounds like you are having an awesome time. Keep up the good work and remember why we are able to be happy always. Don’t worry you got this mom!! (speaking of my attempt to continue to train for a 5K). Es muy facil si usted practicar!!!:) (translation: It is very easy if you practice). That’s all for this week. Talk next week and hopefully no more hospital visits haha. Also I'm sorry but this cyber I'm at doesn't have the ability to send pictures... so I will send some next week.

Con Amor Elder Spencer:)

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