Monday, June 20, 2016

Cold Weather, New Investigators and My First Blessing in the Field

As far as the package goes, it is sitting at my zone leaders house right now so I will get it on Wednesday. Thank you so much!! Thank you so much for all the time and money you are spending on me.

My companion is doing good and he feels a lot better now haha. I'll try and send some pics but I don't have a ton yet because it's hard to take pictures on these cramped buses.... haha. It's been a good week and it is pretty dang cold! We have no fire wood for our stove but we did just get a little gas heater today so that is good.:) We have two new really good investigators!! We taught them a lesson yesterday and they really liked it and really seem to have a desire to learn more so I'm excited to keep teaching them. Also I gave my first blessing in the mission field to a member we visited. And right in the middle of the blessing Elder Thomas had our phone and it went off with the song "The lion sleeps tonight"... IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DANG BLESSING. Then Joaquin (a member here) was giggling and so that kinda killed the blessing but I still feel I said all that I needed to.. haha and yes it was in English. I don't know Spanish well enough to give blessings in it yet at least.;) 

I'm glad you liked the talk and it sounds like you guys are all going crazy there!! Keep up the good work and just remember who can help you out whenever you feel down or behind!!! That looks like a way fun time fixing CJ's car. I miss that!!! haha. That's crazy that's where Megan and Ben are moving. Hopefully they love it!!!

That sounds like some really good talks!! (I shared one with him entitled The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood by Carlos E. Asay). I'm going to write that down to see if I can find that!!:) For my thought this week it is on the Prophet Joseph Smith. Look on YouTube for a BYU Devotional "Profile of a Prophet" by Hugh B. Brown. Tell me if you think Joseph Smith meets the profile of a prophet that they did. It is really amazing and I know that it is through prophets that we receive revelation for the church who know what God has in store for us. Love you and hope you like this talk as much as I did.:)

Love you and talk to you next week!!

Elder Spencer :)


One of my favorite pictures so far!!

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  1. I LOVE that panoramic picture! He sounds so good!