Monday, June 27, 2016

CHI CHI CHI LE LE LE! VIVA CHILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Chile won the COPA AMERICA or the American Cup yesterday versus Argentina and it came down to penalty kicks!! And no I didn't watch the game. I could just hear people screaming and saw the highlights today. Man people here are crazy about soccer. They were out all night long screaming and yelling and honking their horns. It was great, and also me and Elder Thomas bought a really cool Chile scarf haha!!! My week was good. We had Carlos at church. :) It's just hard to meet with people here 'cause they all leave during the week for work to other cities... But in church I taught the gospel principles class in Spanish!! It was way hard but I think that it went OK and that the investigators in the class understood me enough. Also Elder Thomas helped me out a little too so that was good.:)

Yes I received the package!!! Thank you so much for that, it was all much needed hahaha, and thank you Nonnie for the Bueno Bars as well. You really didn't lie about Christmas coming holy cow. And your packing skills came in handy!!!;) Thank you so much for the package but really all you do. Thanks Momma!

I can get peanut butter here and some cereal but it is muy carro "very expensive" haha but I kinda fit it in the budget.;) Yeah they have milk here. It actually is pretty good. It's all whole milk but it's definitely not as bad as CJ's Bulgarian.... hahaha.

I'm glad that you were able to go to the temple and be happy. Continue going (for me too haha cause I can't go for a bit...) and doing the work of the Lord. Just like it says in Mosiah 2:17 when you are doing work for others you are doing the work of God and receiving many blessings.:)

That sounds so cool!!:) [speaking about my new job]. I think that job will be really good for you and that is so awesome you had faith and stayed happy during this time.:) It will be a great change I feel like. For my thought this week it is about "missionary work and the atonement" by Elder Holland. In this he says: Why is life not always easy? Why don't people just line up to be baptized? Why is missionary work hard? It's an amazing reply and I feel it works for all of our lives. "Life is not easy because salvation is not easy." Through Christ, salvation is possible but it is still going to be hard. But because God loves us, we have him to help us the whole way back to him. Jesus knows all the things we have gone through and he knows how we feel. So trust in the Lord and all things will come.:)

Love you mom and don't worry, I will keep tyring to listen to the spirit and perform mighty works as an instrument in the Lord's hands!!!. Thank you for the email and I'll talk to you next week.:)

Love, Elder Spencer

(Here are some pictures I got from Shawn's Branch mission leader, Max)


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