Monday, June 6, 2016

First Week En El Campo!!

So actually the struggles with the traveling did not stop with the things before, but they continued because like I told you a little bit on the phone, we had to land in Valdivia and take a 2 hour bus ride that was provided by the airport to get to Osorno. But besides that, it was great!! haha. After we arrived I said goodbye to Hermana Stone for a while (her area is Valdivia) and met my new companion/trainer Elder Thomas, I'll try to send pics, but he is really cool. He has 11 months left and he is from Mesa Arizona. He is a really cool missionary and we actually get along pretty well so that is good :). And this area is beautiful. I haven't gotten many pictures yet but I will try to get more next week.

The first day we were in Villarrica and we went to go teach a lesson to Filipe. He actually spoke English so it was really cool. But when we were teaching him he was saying he thought that the Book of Mormon was just a really cool made up fantasy book, so I was really confused. Then I figured out that "Filipe" is actually Max and is our mission leader.... haha so that was a fun first day. Then for our first fast Sunday here we forgot it was fast Sunday untill we were at church at 10.. but its ok cause we are gonna fast next week. But I got up and introduced myself in our branch and it was really cool. There isn't a big amount of active members but all their spirits are so strong. 

That looks like it is such a cool hike we will have to go when I get back!!! Also I'm glad you were all able to go to the temple and do work for our family, that is so cool. My thought today is on temples. They are such an amazing place and so important for our salvation. Down here there are a ton of members... but they are mostly inactive. It's because the missionaries before were just converting them to baptism. Which isn't bad, it's just the first step to our salvation. The temple is our end goal, then after that persevering to the end. I love temples and I'm glad they give us the opportunity to live with our families for eternity.

I really liked that though thank you so much for sharing. I'll definitely remember that and keep that in my mind. Every soul is great in the eyes of God. I love it here and they do speak really fast but I can actually undertand more than I thought, but I have a long way to go. Especially in speaking but I know it is getting better everyday.:) Also I traded one of the Latinos in my room for the jerky and he gave me some Philippine money, but he seriously LOVED the jerky it was funny. Also there is a few things I need if you can help...:) the steak jerky from Costco, Tide stain pens, sd to usb converter, 64 gig thumb drive, Advil, NyQuil and medicine for cold and sore throat, mints from CJ, multi vitamins, and music. There is no specific need for everything but all of this is expensive here and if I can get them from you it's better. For the music we can listen to whatever for workouts, then for pdays we can listen to whatever as long as it brings the spirit and doesn't talk about drugs, sex, or bad stuff haha. So can you send some music whether on an iPod or just on the thumb drive you send?:) Thank you for everything and I'll talk more next week. Love you!!!!

Your son,
Elder Spencer

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