Monday, June 12, 2017

Que va a pasar con cambios...

Hey momma, happy Monday to you as well!!:) Also yes!! thank you so much (he saw the video and got the information on Chad’s mission call). That is seriously so cool that Chad is going to go to Mexico!!! I’m not gonna lie, I never thought that he would go to Mexico... haha but at least now we will be able to talk in Spanish too when we get home. So you better start getting ready now momma!!!;) haha. But it seemed like there was quite a bit of people there at his opening? :) I’m glad that it was awesome and I hope Chad likes his call as well!!:)

Well things are going really good here as usual. This last week was really good besides me getting wrecked on intercambios on Friday... haha now wait and I’ll explain. But before that Hermana Ana is doing really well. We taught her about baptisms for babies and then showed her 17 Miracles this last week in our citas with her. Also one of our investigators, Damarys Soto (who has the 2 year old with cancer), is progressing so strong in the church. She said she knows the Book of Mormon is true. Even though she has a ton of hard things with her son right now, she isn’t condemning God, so that is so amazing of her! Also like usual we had our activities of soccer last week as well and I did pretty well and scored a goal, while also falling on my tail bone.. haha it was sweet but hurt.. haha. Then we also had cambios with the zone leaders Friday and it was super sweet. We taught some of their investigators and it was great. Then Saturday at 4 in the morning I woke up and I was basically vomiting with diarrhea all friggen morning... We finally made it back to Ancud from Castro like 8 at night on Saturday. On Sunday we received cambios!!!! :( Elder Pintado is leaving to the same area where Elder Muirhead went.. haha Rio Negro in Rahue, and all I know is my new comps name is Elder Guerrero? He’s Columbian!:) I’ll tell you more about him next week :). But no worries I feel a lot better now, but man was my stomach wrecked... it was close to when we were in Bulgaria... haha

Sound like this past week was super good for you as well. Also thank you so much for putting the names in the temple!! We actually just started fasting weekly as a zone now to help our investigators, so we will see how that goes. Also haha I can imagine you opening the mail box and freaking out.. haha the neighbors... ahh the crazy lady again..;) haha naw but I’m glad that he finally got it! and oh man I miss the Summerfest, but I’m glad that you loved it!!

Also thank you for your thought as well I love that. We need to constantly have like a personal interview with ourselves and see how we are doing with our goals and where we are headed. I love that! My thought this week is from Isaiah 41:10. It’s a great scripture and also the last part of verse 9 as well "I have chosen thee, and not cast thee away." The Lord has chosen us to be where we are and has not forsaken us. We have his son Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit so that He is always with us so we need not have fear of any worldly things.:) Love you momma and hope your week is great this week. Love you to eternity and beyond!!:)

Elder Shawners Spencer

The swords in the pictures are our "arms of war" we are giving up to serve the Lord and show our obedience to Him.:) Alma 24

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