Monday, June 19, 2017

The first time in 22 years....

We got snow here this last week!!!:) and I’m so glad!!:) It’s been 22 years since it has snowed here in Ancud or in Chiloé... hahha crazy right?? It was so funny, papito was so happy when it snowed, he was like a little kid!! We definitely partied in the snow, it was so fun!!

But man this last week was really fast but slow at the same time, haha does that make sense?? But I was sad because Elder Pintado left on Wednesday and then I had my new comp, Elder Guerrero. He is super chill. He is from Columbia! from a city that is right next to Barranquilla! He is a super cool dude and an even better missionary. This first week together was really good. We worked with Hermana Ana (Jaime’s wife) really hard this week. She knows the gospel is true and just is a little hesitant to get baptized so we are helping to resolve doubts.:) We didn’t get to Damarys this past week because she was in Puerto Montt. Also on Saturday we went to go contact some referrals that we had and we took our bikes out. (I don’t know if I mentioned we have bikes in this sector but never use them because it rains...) After we got to the top of our sector we realized our bikes had no breaks...  haha so that was lots of fun to ride down the big hill with no breaks. We almost died but we didn’t!!!😁 Then we went to the other side of our sector and contacted Nefi and Natalie. They are menos activos and they super awesome. We couldn’t go in because Nefi was at work so we talked with Natalie and are gonna go back tonight!!:) But it was super cool because rarely ever the referrals are people who actually want to talk to us, so it was a good surprise!!:) Then today we made Pichanga Pizza!! It was so good but I wanna die now it was so much food. (pics below)

Also I’m glad that you could talk to Gabriela and get everything figured out with her!!:) Did Elder Thomas come and visit this last week? But thank you for sending the stuff with her and also thank you for the info on the water proofing stuff!!:) I’ll let you know how it works. But thank you so much for the stuff you sent!!:) I might have to have you see about the guarantee on the mission pants as well. They almost have holes in them…

That is so friggen cool that Chad is already starting to learn Spanish because I didn’t learn any so I had a hard time when I entered in the MTC.:) And that is so cool that you got to go with gram and gramps!!:) Thank you for all the fotos by the way I loved it!!:) Man can we do that again with them when I get back?:) Who is living in great grama’s house now?

That is so crazy that Eric is home. All my friends (Andrew, Hardy, Palmer) are gonna start coming home now too. It’s gonna be crazy to see all of them get home!! And thank you for your thought momma I love it. It is so important that we exercise our priesthood righteously and through all these characteristics of Christ. I love that thank you!!:)

For my thought this week it is about the last part of the book of Ether: Shiz and Coriantumr are fighting for just pride.. they end up destroying everything and everyone. The only one that lives, barely, is Coriantumr and it's worthless because now he had no kingdom to reign because everyone was dead... So the key here is humility. If everyone had humility, Satan would have almost no power, because it is only when we are humble that we can repent and live more to be like Christ. So this week my thought is this: be humble and you will have the mercy of the Lord.:)

Love you to infinity and beyond momma!!:) Hope you have a great amazing week and let me know how everything is going!!:)

Elder Shawners

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