Monday, June 26, 2017

"You're not in Kansas anymore, you're in Pandora....."

Hey Momma I’m doing pretty great here in Osorno, Chile;) haha. Yeah as you heard from the mamita, I’m not in Chiloé anymore... but on the bright side it doesn’t rain as much here. But I loved Ancud so much. It’s so sad I had to leave in sober cambios (emergency transfers?). Oh man that’s so sad about mamita....:/ I was so sad to leave as well haha, but more about that later.

So on last p-day after we wrote you guys, we went and played soccer with hermano Jaime and our investigators, which is good because it was our last time!!:/ On Tuesday we helped the hermanas pack up their house in the morning then we went and took it all to the new house that night. Then we had a lesson with hermana Ana (Jaime's wife) and also we visited some other members as well.:) Then on Wednesday I finished the BOM in Spanish!! so that was cool. Also we found a menos activo named Natalia and she was so cool! We talked with her for a little bit then we went to see Damarys. It was really good we went because they left to Puerto the next day and I wouldn’t have seen them before I left.

On Thursday we got a call from the AP's and they said I was getting sober cambios to Osorno as a Zone Leader..... It was funny I didn’t actually believe them... so I asked them like 3 times.. are you sure? me? Elder Spencer? to Osorno? haha but yeah it was sad. All the members were sad because I was leaving and my district of missionaries as well. But then after I said goodbye to as many as I could in the short time, I left Friday in the morning. Osorno has been pretty great. It’s not beautiful in scenery like Chiloé... haha but its chill. My first day here we visited an investigator of the old hermanas (they took the hermanas out of the other half of our sector and gave us the whole sector...) and she is actually really close to baptism! She has such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, it’s so awesome. Her name is María!!:) Then today my comp had to do a math test for college because he goes home at the end of this cambio! OH! ALSO my new comp is Elder Gledhill. He is from AZ and is super cool! We’ve had a great first 3 days together... haha. His companion went to Ancud because he needed an area with bikes... so they did sober cambios for him to Ancud... haha

Yeah I don’t know what Gabriela is thinking but that stuff isn’t the same... haha. All the Chileans say it works but it doesn’t... I have something that will work till you can send more, or can you? but maybe I’ll try it because it’s a ton different... it’s like bigger sugar cubes no mas...

Haha yeah we didn’t use the bikes that much because it was always raining... but hey maybe they will fix them up and use them?? Oh man that’s crazy that you guys are in Connecticut! Did the house already get sold or what’s the story on that? Good luck I know you can do it!!!:) Also that’s sweet that you went to the temple so much!!:) no worries momma it will all come!!:) Trust in the Lord and He will provide for you!!!:)

Woah thank you so much for the thought. That is so true. If we will commit to the Savior then the Savior will commit to us and we need not have fear!!:) I’ll share the scripture that goes with that next week – I can’t remember it right now...:) haha. Thank you momma and I am doing amazing!:) I hope you have an amazing week and I love you to eternity and beyond! Have a great week! :)

Love you momma!
Elder Shawners

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