Monday, May 22, 2017

Brighter and Brighter until the Perfect Day

Things here in Ancud are doing really well! Dang I feel like I just barely talked with you yesterday on Skype! haha but no this last week was really good. We kept working with Jaime and his wife Ana. I think she already has her answer, we are just trying to help her understand that she has it. But the lessons with her are really good and we just started teaching her daughter Thiare. She is about 14 and she doesn’t really care about anything but, we got her to talk to us and to commit to read the Book of Mormon.:) Also we started teaching Daniel and his wife this last week and he really wants to be baptized, but he wants the right church so he was really interested in what we had to share. We had conference and interviews with President this last week and it was really good!!:) I shared Helaman 3:35 in the conference and talked about how we can continue baptizing with this promise from President. I talked about as well how the pioneers were really good examples. They did everything in that scripture and they gave their hearts to Christ. That is the way God helped them to overcome their sufferings!

Oh man you are killing me smalls! haha no its all good we just gotta have patience and wait for the good things to come right?:) On the back of my agenda cover I have a quote that says "it will all work out";) But it sounds like you had a great week this last week!:) and yes we need to go and try that place after the mission!!:) haha that sounds pretty fantastic!! This week we ate clams and oysters! It was actually really good. I liked clams better?:)

Man that’s really sad. I’m really gonna miss uncle Mike in the family reunions and seeing him! He always did the auctions. Who is gonna do them now?? But that’s ok at least now he is not suffering from cancer and he is resting heaven!!:) But man I’m gonna miss him. Please send me pics and info from the funeral.

I love that quote that you sent. It’s so true we can always find the goodness around us if we are willing to look!:) and that is the blessing that I have in this moment to share this light with the people of Chile and Chiloé!:) I love you so much momma and I hope that you have an amazing week this week!!:)

Love you to infinity and beyond!
Elder Shawners Spencer

Church building in Ancud

Shawn's apartment in Ancud (on the right side of the picture).

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