Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mother's Day Again! :)

Well I’m glad that I could make your day for Mother’s day and it was really cool and fun to get to see and talk to you guys!!:) Also no we didn’t end up making brownies this week but we are going to make them this week, I believe at some point.:) Also about this last week.. hmm.. we went out to visit a bunch of people, and we are currently teaching a lot of Jaime’s family. Also like I told dad we ate congrejo (crab) and it was actually really good!!:) We taught a lesson with Jaime and his wife (who will be baptized soon we hope). They invited a friend over and Ana, Jaime’s wife, bore her testimony!! It was so cool!!:) I gave a talk on Sunday and I think I did a pretty good job. I talked on "the faith that the pioneers had" it was an awesome topic.

That’s cool your still talking to Max, I do miss my families in Villarrica!!:) Thank you for sharing with me their comments!:) I’m glad that they are all doing good and I miss them and you guys a ton as well!!:) haha

Thank you momma for your thought, and I love that thought.!:) ("From President Eyring: I testify that when we walk the path of priesthood service, the Savior Jesus Christ goes with us, for it is His path, His way. His light goes before us, and His angels are round about us.”) Priesthood service is so important and it’s through that, that we can have ministering of angels round about us to bless and help others in their lives!!:) Love you momma and I hope that you had a great Mother’s day and that you have an even greater week. Love you to infinity and beyond momma!!

Elder Shawners Spencer

Loved Skyping with Shawn on Mother's Day!!! I only wish
I could upload the video of him bearing his testimony in
Spanish but the file is too big.

Jaime, Elder Pintado, Shawn

He actually liked the crab, except for the brain part :).

This was one of the sister missionaries' investigators
who was baptized on Saturday.

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