Monday, May 29, 2017

Spiritual Experience with Rosita!!

Hey momma!! Well first off, no Chile doesn’t celebrate Memorial Day. It’s kinda lame but it's ok! But today and this last week have been super awesome!!:) Man it’s crazy how time is flying by. I feel like we just talked yesterday!! haha. This last week has been super awesome! The weather was actually on our side. It’s been getting pretty cold, but not too much rain this last week so that was good. And let me see what happened this last week.. so much. On Monday of last week, we had a family home evening and then played monopoly with Jamie and his family! His wife Ana and daughter Thiare are progressing so well. They are reading the Book of Mormon together and it’s really helping them, and Thiare is starting to listen more to us! Also on Friday and Saturday the jovenes (youth) of Chiloé came to Ancud to have a party, so I got to see all the youth from Quellón!!!! It was so cool and like 3 of the girls started crying when they saw me... haha, but the one sad part is I’m retarded and didn’t get a foto with them!!!:/ but it was so cool to see them.

Also, we found a menos activo Hermana and her family and visited her and her two kids. Her husband doesn’t like us haha so he just stays in the other room. We talked with her and just got to know her and shared a little about prayer, but we are going back this week so it will be awesome. I think she might come to church this week too!:) Also Rosita (who we play soccer with on Thursdays) is doing awesome!! She is reading the Book of Mormon and starting to pray. We are going to watch the video of the restoration this week because she wants to know Joseph Smith better. It’s crazy, we are teaching a ton but there are a few highlights!:)

The most spiritual experience that I had this past week was probably in our lesson with Rosita. We watched the video of Elder Holland where he gives his testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, then we bore our testimonies and it was just so powerful, the spirit that was in the room. It was so cool. I felt like my chest was on fire. It was pretty incredible. I love when that happens.:)

Wow it sounds like you had a pretty crazy week this last week!! haha but man you guys are so lucky that you get to go to the temple. Keep going!!:) That’s so cool but sad about Mike. It looked like a great service but man I’m gonna miss him. He was a great man! Also that’s good it looks like grandpa is healing good. What did they say on his ankle?

That is really cool I’ll look for that video on the church website! (“Why it Will All Work Out.”) It sounds pretty incredible! But man that is an amazing thought, thank you for sharing! (I shared a thought from church that was basically this: “that every moment of precious prayer can be holy time spent with our Father in Heaven”). I love the thought about prayer as well!! It’s our personal time with the Lord. He is our loving Heavenly Father and wants to hear about everything from us!:) My thought this week is about faith. It’s like a seed, it’s something we have, it leads us to action. All of these are important in faith but faith is also really important because in the scriptures it’s described as a living thing. We always need to be growing and increasing our faith because if we aren’t exercising our faith, it is decreasing. "If you have fear, you don’t have faith." Faith gives us the hope to move forward and work to the better life!!:)

Love you to infinity and beyond momma. Have a great week and stay safe!!:)

Elder Shawners Spencer

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