Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tengo Cambios a....

Hey momma first off happy Tuesday! As for my week it flew by rather quickly, haha. You know how some weeks you can remember everything and some everything seems jumbled together? Well this last week was kinda all jumbled together, so when I can separate the days I’ll try and do that.:) But this last week was really good. We found a new investigator named Danio. He stopped us when we were walking back from lunch, his girlfriend is a member but less active. So we went to his house that night and taught him the restoration. It was such a great lesson and then at the end he said that he felt good with us, that he loved that we listened and understood him. It was so cool and I hope that my comp can continue teaching him (with his new comp). 

Then we also found an old investigator named Ismael who we found out is an Adventist preacher. Basically we have a lot of the same beliefs besides they don’t believe in a spirit world, Sabbath on Sunday, or latter day prophets and priesthood. It was interesting talking to him but he only believes in the Bible. After talking with him for a while he accepted a Book of Mormon because he wanted to read it and compare it with the Bible...:) haha. Then we also meet with Jaime to basically keep giving him animo (translation: courage) to continue in faith because his parents are really hard on him being in our church... but he is still reading the Book of Mormon and loves to meet with us.:) Also we met a couple times with the Family Serón last week to do a family home evening and I was teaching English to their daughter. Then on Sunday we received calls from President Isom and he said I’m going to Ancud!! I have mixed emotions. I’m happy to go to Ancud but sad to leave the people of Quellón, we need to come visit!!:) Ancud is still in Chiloé Island just on the other end. So it’s a close change but I’m district leader of Ancud 2 (hermanas) and Delcalhue (elders). So it should be fun.:) My new comp is named Elder Pintado from Peru. Also please mom it was a metal bucket for my shirt..;) haha (I asked him if that was a pot they burned his shirt in haha).

Woah that sounds like you had quite the week last week as well. It sounds like Glenn’s funeral was really beautiful, I really wish that I could have been there. But I’m glad that you guys could go. Oh man I bet that was really good but hard for Brother Shelly and Mike. I loved scouts with Glenn it was the best, even though he wasn’t in scouts the whole time I was. I was fortunate to have the time with him that I did, that we all did,.:) Now he is with all of us and watching over us as well.:)

As for the rest of the week that sounds like it was pretty fun. Haha grandpa’s foot looked so cool! Also what the heck??? the Jazz are going to the semi-finals?? man that’s so bomb!! It’s been so long that they have gone. I’m sorry they lost when you went but I’m glad they won Sunday. Who did they play? now they are gonna play Golden State??? DANG that should be sweet...

I love your thought about trusting in the Lord and leaning not unto my own understanding. Because this last week when we talked with Ismael, he is a preacher of the Bible so he knows the Bible really well, but he also doesn’t have the light of the Book of Mormon. So he saw things in a different light and I really had to use the spirit to try not to contradict what he was saying (there is no spirit in conflict) but give him and use a different interpretation that he didn’t see. The Bible can be very confusing because it’s a lot of parables and histories, so I’m very thankful that we have all we have to clarify and expand upon it. So I love your thought and quote thank you momma for that.:)

I love you so much momma hope to hear back from you, if not have a great week and remember trust in the Lord and have a good attitude about it.:)

Love you to eternity and beyond!:)
Elder Shawners Spencer

"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem." This quote comes from my man Jack Sparrow.. I have always loved this quote because it’s our attitude that helps us or impedes us to do all that we want to do :)

Side note here was a short spiritual thought he shared in his email with Tom this week too: “Thanks to our loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ we can be redeemed and find light and peace through the gospel of Christ.:)”

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