Monday, May 8, 2017

Casi día del madre!!:)

Dang thats crazy only 6 more days!! (until we get to Skype yay!!!!). So yeah it was a very good week, it honestly flew by!! but man it was hard saying goodbye to all of my families in Quellón; but Elder Gonzalez says that they are still seeing a lot of good things there and a new family just moved in from Puerto Mont there so that will be sweet for them!!:) As for me and my comp Elder Pintado here in Ancud we are very happy!:) We work so well together and it was a very good week last week. We have Ana the spouse of recent convert (Jaime haha not from Quellón) who has fecha for baptism for this weekend so we will see if she can complete with her promise:) Also our mamita and papito are really sick as well!!:) They always feed us a ton of food so I just basically don’t eat for the whole rest of the day!!:) haha like for real I’ve never had problems with finishing a meal but with her it’s impossible. They are an awesome family. I love them!!:)

Also this branch is really cool. Jaime goes with us to every meeting he can and always calls us to tell us when he is available. He is such an amazing guy with a cool conversion story! but also we found a new investigator this last week here in Ancud as well:) Maricella is the daughter of a member and started listening to us. Then also on Thursday nights we have soccer with our investigators so it was a great first week here!!:)

Woah it sounds like you guys had a ton of fun as well!!:) I love the temple and can wait to go again, but until then I have to help others get on their way to the temple!!;) but I’m glad you guys could go. To answer your other question Cinco de mayo is like one of the only ferrials (holidays) that they don’t celebrate that’s like an "international holiday" haha but sounds like you had a sic party and we can do it again when I get home!:)

Also thank you for your thought as well. I really liked it!!:) "and thank Him for loving you enough to invite you to do more..." I love that and I really like how our attitude and the way we see things can help us to be more successful. God always is helping us but we also need our best effort to overcome our challenges. And we have the Savior with us in every moment, guiding us and loving us.:)

I love you to eternity and beyond momma!!:) Thank you for everything you do and I hope you have an amazing week and I’ll see you on Sunday!!;)

Elder Shawners Spencer

P.S. "Let your love be unconditional -- you only fail when you fail to try" This quote is from Pres. Spencer W. Kimball and I love this because it is impossible for us to fail if we try and trust in the Lord.:)

This is Norma Vega, our mamita!

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