Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy Pioneer Day with Baptisms!!!!:)

Well thank you momma for the happy pioneer day wishes and I wish the same for you!!:) haha and GUESS WHAT remember ANA the wife of Jaime in Ancud? She totally got baptized last week!!:) It was so cool! I’m so happy for her. Also yes Elder de Souza is getting changed to the zone Villarrica and he has been doing a lot better so that is great!!:) Also Elder Gledhill is finishing the mission so my new comp will be Elder Arizmendi from Mexico. He was in my district in Ancud!!:)

This week I had the opportunity to give a blessing to a grandma who passed away yesterday, but it was so amazing. When I was giving the blessing, I felt the spirit so strong and it was like my whole upper body was on fire. It was such a blessing I had to give her a blessing so that she can now rest in peace.:) The fecha with Rolando fell but that’s ok, and we put hna Maria with fecha for baptism on the 26 of Aug!!:) It is so awesome!!:) The work has been going really well. Also this last week we had the chance to go to an activity in San Pablo (a youth camp for the church), and we got to go and do some proselyting with the youth for their camp there!!:) I have attached pictures below of my group, and I got to see my youth from Villarrica because they were there too!!:) It was such a good week and it was Elder Gledhill’s birthday so we made brownies and German pancakes!!:)

Oh that’s sweet that they still remember me and haha I hope it’s good stuff as well!! But will you tell Brock and all the BJ family hi for me!!:) Also tell Skyler Crockett hi as well and I’d definitely be interested in working for him when I get back! haha but for sure I’ll talk to him:) That’s good you had a great week but that will be good to sell the house (in Connecticut). That’s sad that no one is gonna have the property from the family though. Oh thank you so much for the pics I love them!!:) It looks like you guys had a great week, and the shed looks great now!!:) Also thank you about the package. Seriously thank you for everything that you are doing!!:) Let me know when you send it and if I can do anything for you!:)

Woah that sounds like such an amazing sacrament meeting. I love talking and learning about the pioneers. There definitely isn’t that big of an emphasis here in Chile on the pioneers, but there should be because I love watching the movies of the pioneers and just watching all that they went through and all that we can learn from them today. They were such good examples of disciples of Christ and following his guidance through a recently called prophet of God!:) I love that thought thank you momma. Also, yeah I saw the fotos. It was so cool and do you have fotos of the trailer? And how was the Browne's firework show? HAHA

THANK YOU MOMMA!! for all that you do. You are seriously so amazing and I feel like I don’t do enough to show you how awesome you are. Hope you know how much I love you and how thankful I am for all you do and your example to me!!:) 

Love you to forever and beyond momma!!:)
Elder Shawners Spencer

My companion stressed about going home.

Zone activity

Zone activity

Last zone activity for the cambio pic with
 the APs Elder Rocha y Villacorta (right)

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