Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Surprise, here's a few more pictures today... :)

Plus a funny story. He got to see his mamita and papita from Ancud yesterday, they brought him a package to Osorno. Here's what he said: "We got to see them in jumbo and they gave me my box from you (thank you so much!!:) ) and they gave us some food and it was so funny. She was sad because she saw me and was like your so skinny!!! haha. She was like I should have brought you more food!!"

Elder de Souza intercambios Ecuador sector (Chile)

Elder Roacha AP

Self explanatory cows in Centro:) hahaha

Self explanatory cows in Centro:) haha

Love this!!!

NDH con Ramon and Meilyn


His companion says he's a great cook!

Elder Gledhill, I'm assuming trying on
Shawn's suit coat hahaha

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