Monday, July 10, 2017

The Intercambio Week!

Hi there momma and how are you this fine Monday morning??:) As for me here in Osorno, I’m doing pretty great and yeah it was so fun doing those service projects last week!!:) But after we wrote to you last week we went to an NDH (family home evening) with Obisbo Schnettler and our investigator Rolando, and it went really well!:) Then on the 4th of July we had intercambios with the AP's (the assistants to pres.) and I was with Elder Roacha. We put one of their investigators with fecha and found a really cool lady named Maria Cristiana who wanted to start meeting with us!!:) Also we made s’more shakes and it was so goooood!!!:) Then on Thursday we had intercambios with the Elders from Ecuador (another sector in Osorno) and I went there. It was really good! We did a lot of contacts and we had a cita with Eric and Natalia. It was so cool to read about the Book of Mormon with them and teach them more about it!!!:)

Also our investigator Rolando has a baptism date for the 5 of Aug! so we will see if he can get it!:) It was so cool! Then on Saturday we had an NDH with members here called Ramon and Meilyn and it was so cool. We talked about the spirt in the lesson, then they made food from Venezuela for the dessert!!:) It was so good! On Sunday I gave a talk...:) haha it was a little last second, they called me Saturday night. I talked about humility and how with humility we can stay closer to God and become better people. D&C 112:10 I love this scripture because if we are humble, God will be with us and guide us with His hand!!:)

Also it still rains a lot here, but little to no wind so that is great!:) but there is a ton of fog! It’s all good I just miss being right next to the ocean!! I’m glad your lesson went well!:) Also I love that thought and quote you shared, thank you momma, it’s so true!:)

Whoa I’m so glad that you guys had fun for the fourth of July. I’m glad it was a success and that everyone could help out!!:) Thank you (Melanie) for making the pancake in my name!! haha and nice job Cass for eating it! July really is passing so fast!! It’s so funny, Elder Gledhill's family is so trunky for him because he goes home the end of this cambio. He’s not trunky but his family is really happy for him to come home:)

This computer sucks so I could only upload these 2 fotos today... we went to the park Antillanca today for p-day, it was so fun!!:) I know you will find success momma. The Lord will bless you, just be humble and trust in Him!:) 

Love you to eternity and beyond momma!!!:)
Elder Shawners Spencer

"There is no other substitute in the world for productive (hard) work"
-Pres Gordon B. Hinckley

P.S. from me: I got an awesome surprise from Shawn's mamita in Ancud who sent me pictures from her family's trip to Osorno today where they delivered Shawn's package to him, so I had to add them here:

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