Monday, July 31, 2017

Cambio day... The Death of Elder Gledhill

Hello there mother, and things are going quite well here in Osorno de Chile this week!:) Yeah I was so happy about Hermana Ana and now all we need is their daughter and the temple to be sealed!!:) So Elder Gledhill went home this last week and that was super sad!! Everyone is leaving me!!! haha but it was cool to see him at the church in Centro here. I had to open it so the members could say goodbye so I got to see him another time before he left!!:) But as for me and my new comp we are doing really well!!:) Elder Arizmendi is from Mexico City, Mexico and has a cambio less than I in the mission. It’s been really great up till now!!:) He has 7 (including him) in his family and I don’t know what else to say but he is really cool and I think this will be a great cambio!:) He was actually in my district in Chilóe in Ancud. 

Now with the week, yes Rolando is having a hard time balancing everything in his life right now.. but we are gonna work with him and see what we can do to help him with his family and work problems!!:) But as for the Hermana Maria Treviño she is doing amazing. She is 70ish and she has fecha for the 26 of Aug to be baptized. We are just trying to keep her animated (?) because she is a little timid about baptism, but she has such a strong testimony it’s so amazing!!:) She has been investigating for a little over a year! Also, this last week a man named Alex stopped us and was talking to us a little in English, and he wants to meet with us this week. He is from Santiago and moved down here with family. He was a really cool guy but I’ll let you know how that goes with him next week!!:) Also this last week we had a bunch of FHE’s with the bishop and with the family Muñoz. It was super awesome, and it’s a great opportunity to get to know the families here and receive more referrals!:) Then today we went and played soccer in Matta (our church) and then went to eat. It was sick, we went to a place called "Ñam Ñam" to eat!!😂

Oh that sounds like a lot of fun last week and I loved all of the fotos that you sent me!!:) but man momma why didn’t you get a picture with you and Yvette? haha naw it happens to me a lot here... we leave from a cita and I’m like dang I didn’t take a foto!! haha but I haven’t received an email from her yet but we will see!:) Oh that’s sweet about the package. I’ll definitely let you know when I have it!!:) Thank you! That’s so sweet thank you for sending voice messages!!:) That’s so cool! Also I can send you guys like voice recordings every week then you can type them if you want to do that? just let me know!:)

Oh man I miss watching the lightning (from a safe distance that is;) haha) that sounds like so much fun and also the family reunion that is so awesome that grandma played too!!:) I’m glad that you guys had lots of fun there!:) I loved when we went there that one year except when you got that ticket on the way up there right? haha

Woah thank you for your thought that you shared momma!!:) I really like that it is in the little moments from day to day when we are going to make the difference in our eternity. Like it says in Ephraim’s Rescue "You can’t move a mountain on your backside." meaning we have to start somewhere. Also like it says in Doctrine and Covenants it’s in the little things that we bring to pass the great and big ones!!:) Thank you for that thought and it’s also true that our heavenly connection is the most important, then we can worry about the rest. The Lord always provides and will guide us in every moment!!:) D&C 6:36 I love this scripture and it’s my go to in times of worries or doubts!!:)  (36: Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.)

Thank you for the email momma I hope everything is well and that the job hunt is going well!:) Have a great week and love you to eternity and beyond!:)

Elder Shawners Spencer

p.s. sorry this cyber won’t read my card.... so these are the few that my comp had!:)

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